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Jun 13, 2013

It’s been ages

I know I’m just saying a figure of speech here, what I’m referring is the opportunity that SS gave to this blog. I have no clued why all of a sudden all the paid posts were no longer interested in giving this blog a shot! I wonder why and what’s wrong that needs to be fixed.

I was surprised that it has an opportunity this week. I tried to update as much as I can, however I guess that update isn’t good enough. I need to work harder and better this time. Hopefully, this would be the start of getting more opportunity. We shall see, shall we? 

You might think, I'm exaggerating things here, I'm just happier that I have this going on.

12 freaking comments:

I hope you will have more opportunity. There are so many things about blogging/paid posts that I don't know about but want to learn.

I've been having the same problem lately for these past few months, but surprisingly, they're given me more. I think making updates with google analytics makes my blogs enabled to get more opps

I had my first opportunity with another group just this week. It was super fun and made me feel like I'm doing something right.

I think it is slow everywhere. Good luck in getting something.

Cool mommy Novs! Keep up the good work. Patience is a virtue. Wink.

Just keep posting and it will be ok

you mean you can get paid to post who knew I've alway down it for free or for the product but never actual money except for Social sparks of course wow i'm impress you go girl

I think with all the changes in policies and procedures by the major social media and Google cracking down on bloggers, things have slowed down in general. Keep at it!

Don't get discourage. It will get better.

I am happy for you. Things will get better. I am sure they will give you more opportunity in the future. Just continue what you are doing.

You may email the customer love to see what's wrong with this particular blog.

I used to be active at SS's tasks, but I quit. Happy for you. More tasks and opps in the future!

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