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Jan 9, 2017

What You Can Do To Build Your Business

Running a business is oftentimes the most personally and professionally rewarding things that an individual ever does. However, success rarely falls into the business owner's lap. Rather, the corporate leader, or small business owner must work with dedication and diligence to ensure that the company remains on the road to growth. If you're looking for strategies that can help keep the growth process in full swing, this article is for you. Below you will find three techniques that can help you build your business:

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1. Update Your Equipment.

Using the best equipment available improves the office aesthetic, decreases the likelihood of work-related injuries, and ensures that your daily operations can be completed quickly and correctly. If your company makes use of boat parts, you can obtain new ones from organizations like Magna Marine Inc. Before you do business with an online retailer, make sure that you do research to determine what their reputation is like.

2. Optimize Your Interactions With Customers.

Another business-building strategy you can implement to grow your company is optimizing your interactions with customers. This strategy is empowering because interfacing with customers in a positive, powerful way builds relationships. Once this happens, conversion is more likely. (Brand loyalty is, too!) There are numerous ways that you can optimize your interactions with prospective clients and current customers. One is by using the latest and greatest customer relationship management (CRM) software available. This software will help you keep detailed notes regarding your communications with clients, thereby enabling you to tailor each subsequent conversation towards their needs. Some of the features you'll want to look for in your CRM software include:

• Mobile access
• Remote access
• Customization
• Integrated analytics
• Campaign management
• Simplicity
• Stronger multichannel support
• Master data management
• Flexibility
• Ease of integration
• Lead generation
• Follow-up tracking

3. Utilize Public Relations Services.

One final technique you can implement to grow your business is using public relations services. These services will empower you to share your brand with the world in a dynamic way that extends your sphere of influence. Some of the PR services you should seek out include:

• Media Relations
• Product Placement
• Content Creation
• Media Outreach
• Press Collateral
• Media Round Tables
• Speaking Engagements
• Grassroots Marketing
• Editorial Placement
• Media Training
• Desk Sides
• Print Placements
• Digital Placements
• Press Kit Creation
• Award List Monitoring
• Partnership Opportunities

Don't Delay: Start Growing Your Business Today!

2017 can be the year your business makes its biggest leaps forward. To make it happen, start using the growth strategies listed in this quick reference guide.

Jan 1, 2017

First post for year 2017

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Just wishing everyone a wonderful New Year to come. More blessings and works and of course good health. We hope for the best this new year and peace on earth. We have to save the kids and those who are innocent from all the horrible things that has been happening.

Spread love and understanding. This will be my last post for the year 2016 and hoping for a much fruitful year to come.

Was supposed to be my last post for the year of 2016, unfortunately I did not noticed that I didn't even published this post. Therefore, I guess this will be my very first post for the New Year 2017. 

Dec 15, 2016

It's a Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party

It’s a Paw Patrol Themed birthday party for our 2 year old. It seems like time flies so fast and when you are busy you won’t notice that the day has come to your child’s birthday.

Well, I know this is coming pretty much right after Thanksgiving that our youngest will turn 2 in December. And I did prepare this little exclusive birthday party to be held in our residence. 

Bought few and reasonable favor goodies as well as the decorations, online and in store. Because I kept some of the streamers, balloons that haven’t been used from his older brother’s birthday it saves me money to purchase a new set.

The only thing that I was debating to work on is the food to prepare, and the gift that I wanted him to get for his birthday. Having an older brother does help a lot. All the hand me down items from clothes to the toys. Gives us the hardest time to think of what kind of toy we can get our youngest. 
he was so happy to see these banner
However, we did figure it out. They have different interests due to their age gap and that helps. So our little one loves the TV show Paw Patrol as he seems to be amused with those dogs. I picked the Paw Patrol Birthday Themed for him, and yes! We got him some Paw Patrol stuffs.

The party is great, better than I expected and all the invited guess that I expected to celebrate with us definitely came.

So many foods and desserts, the kids love the parlor games I had and yes winner earned moolah!! So make sure that they’ll be more serious and have fun and join the game when there is.

If only they are older and loves music so I could just order him one of the audio technica mic it would be easier to find a nice gift for him.

Anyways, the party is fun and it’s nice to see everyone did have a great time. And to our little one, he does have a merry birthday and a whole lot of pictures to see.

Dec 5, 2016

A Happy 2nd Birthday To Caleve

It started to be one of those ordinary routine weekly checkup, I have before my due date  arrived that it turned out to be the date everyone didn’t expect. December 4th of 2014 was our second son’s birth date.

I was driving myself confidently to my OB to see my baby’s status, then the nurse did actually notice that I am 2CM, in fact, asked me if I felt sharp pains, and worried worried especially when the result of my ultrasound came back. Low fluid and needs for the baby to be out, I spent from a normally 15 minutes to an hour health check in that place.

Then I was advised to head to the Maternity Delivery ER that same time, they check me in and all I need to do is to admit. Obviously, I’m in labor that I didn’t even notice I was. I felt tightness thinking it might be one of those Braxton Hicks, yet I was wrong.

Good thing, I have gotten ready for the big event before this day comes and when the nurse called my OB? They never let me drive and wanted me to go to the Maternity Delivery ER that time.

I phone my husband and told him to pick me up at the clinic to check me into the Maternity Delivery Room. I wasn’t scared however, I was thrilled that we can finally see our little boy earlier than the expected date. From there, told everyone about the exciting news and you know what happened next.

Our little Chance Caleve turned 2 today and yesterday we celebrated it with our family and friends who are dear to us gather near to us at this event such as a birth date celebration.

To our little rambunctious, handsome, adventurous, and smart, Happy Happy Birthday to you our boy. Mama, Dada and Kuya K love you very much.

Another talented child we have, I could introduce him to musical instruments and be known about multicomp.

Trip to PumpkinVille Great Valley, New York 2016

Yes!!! We are back into this place to check out what are the new things they added in their place and what would be a nice thing for our kids to do while we stroll and enjoy. Also, this is the very first time that our 22 old month  and Troy will be actually in the place.

We wanted him to experience this celebration that this place created for adults and kids and because Halloween is fast approaching this is one of a good place to find the perfect dimension and weight of your desire pumpkin.

Though we did not purchase a pumpkin there, [as my husband would prefer to buy from our local farmer to support them, in which it makes sense] we did enjoy watching how they make an apple cider.

We’ve seen it before, but then again, Troy and our 22 months old haven’t been and seen [though I’m sure he won’t remember it yet] how they make it.

I totally forgot the exact date of the trip, but it was definitely second week of October of 2016. Everyone is ready for the trip, a perfect week to witness the awesome colorful mountains and to enjoy the beautiful scenic view.  We didn’t take the back road as it’s been two years since our last visit.

Got there just the right time we wanted to be there, the weather is okay and cold, windy and sometimes cloudy. But it’s beautiful, of course we have a leisurely walk around and see what good they have this year.

We did the maze and indeed quite exciting in, which takes most of our time while there. Good thing we did it because it teams us up with the kids and our 6 years old is indeed enthusiastic about it.

Dec 1, 2016

They give a FREE Lighting Estimate

While driving back and forth from home to the store, I have noticed the lighting from different houses in the new route that I have seen.

Passing by these houses makes me think where do they purchase their lights from? I know we have a local store here where they provide any kinds of lighting for home and I’m not sure if these people did actually buy it there or online.

We all know that we can do shop online now, it’s more convenient and fast. Searching for a good variety of lighting if you can’t find a decent one in your local store? That’s not a problem anymore, a quick browse at would make things better and faster too.

Good luck, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for, by the way I also saw a sale 15 Pack of F40 T12 CW Supreme ALTO 423889 for only $75.00. They also do a FREE Estimate in case you are planning of changing or updating your lighting at home. 

Nov 20, 2016

The First Snow for Fall-Winter of 2016

Still five weeks to go before Winter begins, however the cold weather isn’t stopping. As mark today, November 20th of 2016 is the first heavy snow we have for the upcoming cold days.

The weather forecast has been warning us about the dropping of temperature and approximately inches of snow on the weekend.

As much as I would like to throw all the dry leaves in our yard before this happened, I guess, I have to stop until it will be warmer and dryer outside to continue with the leaves.

But as for now, I guess we have to accept the fact that snows here and all we have to do is to enjoy and embrace it.

This would be a great opportunity for kids to enjoy snows again outside. Play snowballs, sledding and so much more. As long as the temperature isn’t too cold, we will definitely spend and play outside, now that my youngest is big enough. 

Nov 4, 2016

Fun And Exercise On A Trampoline

Many children like to play outside, whether it's riding a bike or swinging on a swing set. Another fun way for children to play in the fresh air and get exercise at the same time is with a springless trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline offers several benefits for the mind and body for children. While children are jumping, they will likely want to try new tricks and movements. Some tricks are hard to do at first, but they will soon get it if they practice. This helps to teach children persistence and that if they don't give up, they can achieve what they want. 
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When children are able to master a new skill on the trampoline, it can help improve the self-confidence. Jumping high in the air also improves the overall confidence as it takes some courage to be able to jump high in the air without being afraid of falling onto the ground. The trampoline can also help in teaching control over the muscles and other areas of the body. This can transfer over to other sports, such as cheerleading, football and basketball. Children can improve their coordination, which also helps with other sports and with playing in general.

Sometimes, children don't seem to want to go outside, so they sit in one place for most of the day. This can make the muscles cramped. While jumping on the trampoline, the muscles are stretched in a way that they aren't moving when the child is sitting for long periods at a time. Jumping also works both sides of the brain as children have to maintain balance while jumping as well as think about the movements that are taking place.

Jumping on a trampoline will help to improve the overall cardio of children. They can have fun while exercising, and many children don't realize that they are exercising while they are playing. This leads to better heart health and a healthier immune system as the lungs deliver more blood and oxygen to parts of the body and fresh air is taken into the body instead of children being confined to a small space in the home.

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