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Apr 11, 2015

Kids Shoes Toddler Sandals Adorable Tank #Clogstrom Review + Giveaway

Now that I have two boys, I've always wanted to look for a better bargain as well as good quality supplies when it comes to their clothings and shoes, whether if it's online or in-store. YES! I'm very keen to find good quality merchandise because after my older son grown-out his clothes and stuff, if it is still in awesome conditions, his little brother can wear/use the items which could save.

Whenever I look for something new, I make sure that my 5 years old have enough time to wear again, the quality matters to me.

Today, I have the opportunity to review about Kids Shoes Toddler Sandals Adorable Tank Clog product. I was fascinated the first time I saw the picture, totally for kid's taste. We all know that whenever our kids wears something cool they feel so grateful that their parents get them something awesome.

Anyways, I received the product in the mail through the USPS. The clog is in a box sealed very good as well as it is wrapped in a green bubble wrap. I like how the seller wanted to make sure that the item arrives safely to their buyers. Very clever to prevent the hassle of returning and exchanging. I don't see any damage due to the shipment, I'm happy that my son used the product right away.

The tank clog sandal is pretty adorable. It's exactly what it looks like on the pictures when the first time I saw it. Very vivid colors, very precise design. Lightweight for easier for kids wear it, and the bottom is also has a tank's print. The quality seems great, the plastic or the material used looks sturdy. So far I haven't heard any complaints from my son whenever he wears the sandal, instead, that good proud face, oh kids! It must be very comfortable on this feet.

One thing I am happy is that my son loves the tank clog and he likes wearing it. Furthermore, what caught my attention is the smell of the clogs the first time I pull the sandal out of the box. It has that rubber smell, which goes away right after I wash/rinse the product. Glad it didn't stay.

Overall, my experience with the product is great. I have to say, I'm contented of the quality.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Apr 7, 2015

Kids and Toys

I have plenty of nieces and nephews in the Philippines. I am mostly a Godmother to most of them, and I would like to get them something without waiting for 2-3 months to arrive because I've always sent out a Balikbayan box from the USA.

I constantly wanted to give something during their birthdays, somewhat I picked for my godchildren, that they'll be able to receive a gift earlier and enjoy.
It's hard when you are shopping for someone and yet you live in a totally different country. I'm thankful that makes all this impossible and hassle-free. Now, I'll be able to get something for my nieces and nephews [my godchildren] myself and ship it right away without asking my older sister too much.

I also be fond of how the website was created, they have their own coupons sections were great deals and discount codes can be seen and use. Definitely up to date and valid as it is from the website itself.

I'm also thrilled to get something for my my sister's unborn child. Our family is indeed growing. I saw a very nice system set 4-1 that might be very useful for her and her baby soon. The prices is very affordable and it's a perfect timing since the product is on sale. They have plenty of items online and I am not settled with just one as I've always found a better and much useful for her, I guess this will be a long online shopping then. It's nice to know that they are affiliated with Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic, Romwe and many more.

It's all right, cause it is very practical for me as to do all my shopping from home. I don't need to tag my kids along in the mall, I can actually get a day done and feel accomplished.

Apr 6, 2015

How to organize clutter in the house

Before I got children, our home was totally organized and super unclutter. When we were blessed with a son it was amazing, the place where clutter not with papers and stuff, but with toys. I have to lay them all around the living room and in the bedroom to keep our son occupy and enjoy those wonderful toys he received.

As long as our home is clean I am not bothered with the cluttered toys and some baby stuffs. I only cleaned them up whenever I have expected guess to come. Yes, expected cause I want to know when people are coming and not to surprise me as there will no place for them to be. Just kidding.

Now that we are blessed with another son, the house is not as cluttered as the first time. I have storage where I can keep toys, and other stuffs to find them easily at the same time there will be more space for us around.

Here are few of the ideas I want to share with you, I do hope you'll be motivated with the photos I collected from

Apr 2, 2015

A convenient music tote bag for your musical accessories

Do your kids possess a musical instrument that needs to be taken care off and yet you don't have any durable storage to use? Well then, things nowadays have so many resolutions when it comes to simple predicaments. Just like if you seek for a nice storage for your kid's instruments. Here comes a music tote bag to the rescue, it looks very convenient to use for your kid's accessories, or small instruments as they can carry the tote bag simply from home to school and back or just your storage at home.

I always like to have a neat and easy mode to locate things, and this tote bag is one big help to fulfill that goal. To have all musical related in one bag, would be convenient and easier not only for me, but also for my kids whenever they need to look for their musical accessories.

Mar 25, 2015

Homemade Knitted Baby Headbands

After years of learning about how to use the needles of knitting, and able to knit my whole family their Christmas Stockings, some hats I finally am proud to say that I have again accomplished these adorable girls headbands.

I've seen my late Mother in law knit this and was very curious to make my own. I know for sure that I can share this amazing headband with my nieces back in the Philippines.

After at least 2 that I knitted, I become so PRO that I never looked at the pattern whenever I make one. So, here they are the finished product of my labor. I have little to send back home and can't wait for my Balikbayan box to be pick-up so it will be on its way before another Christmas come. 

Mar 20, 2015

#teether Necklace and Bracelet #Review

We all know that there are so many different designs and kinds of Teether in the marketplace. One of them is a necklace and bracelet Teether. They are round and a 100% Food-Grate Silicone, made intentionally safe for infant to use as a Teether. 

I posted this amazing product in my Instagram and one of a mother's concern that also brought into my attention is how safe is the product be? Since they are small but not tiny silicone bids, there might be a possibility that an infant would chew and swallow it.

I would say, this is one question that is tough to answer until it happens. I would not say it might not and I am sure that the company created this Teether to be stronger and safer for infant's use, however parents should always supervise when this product is in use. I would assume that I will only let my son use this Teether only if I'm wearing the necklace and bracelet, in short, it's either I am carrying him or he is sitting on my lap.

While examining the necklace and bracelet I have noticed that the strap that was use is very durable. I stretched the strap as much as I can see how far it goes and I am impressed that it didn't break. I followed the instructions before using the Teether and tried chewing the bids, I'm amazed that it didn't come apart.

I would say that the Teether Necklace and Bracelet  is ideal for mothers who are seeking for a good Teether for their infant. Safe only if you supervise while the product is in use as well as soothing for infant's gum. 

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Mar 16, 2015

3 months already? Where does time go?

4th day of the month of March came and I have asked myself, where does time go? Why is it that it goes so fast the first thing we knew we have a newborn the next time they turned 3 months. 

He went to his 2 month check-up and glad to know that our bundle is very healthy. Now, we have to wait when he reaches 4 months for his next physical examination. I'm so thrilled for this month as his vision is getting clearer now, and by this month I can determine what does our baby needs whenever he cry.

He can now sit-up with a support on his back, no more wobble head and definitely responses with his coos, smile and frown whenever I talk or make faces with him. He can stand on his two tiny strong legs whenever I held him up. He drools a lot recently too, and knows about how to make tiny bubbles. He holds and plays with both his hands, starts grabbing things in front of him, and he is also fascinated to watch his feet as well as to see himself in the mirror.

I don't see more rashes on his face now as well as cradle cap. No more paranoia feeling for me.

Mar 11, 2015

3 Teether Toys #Review

My son just turned 3 months recently and few more months he will start having baby teeth. Before that happens, there will be signs of drooling and gumming as well as biting or chewing  pretty much of anything stage. During my older son's time while he was teething, I'm thankful that he never experience such pains and being so fuzzy all the time. The next thing we knew there were 2 teeth coming in on his front. We can only hope the same thing for our second child, even though each kid acts and experience differently. 

I am thankful that I have the right baby stuffs in hand, ready whenever our second child starts teething. I received 3 Teether Toys from to review. The product came in the mail through USPS and the packaging is ideal, I don't see any signs of damage, happy and content that I can review and used the product right away.

The Teether toys were bigger than I expected, I love the 3 different colors as well as 3 different designs it consists. It also came with a very safe and silicone chain that would help hold the Teether or a pacifier on to the baby's clothes. There are train, car and elephant latex, a free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Vinyl, Nitrosamines, Rubber, Lead, Cadmium and heavy metals. Tasteless, I can tell cause I have tried it.  Odorless cause I also smelled the Teethers.

I followed the instructions before I first use the Teethers. I washed it in hot water, even boiled the water to ensure that it is safe and clean before I hand it into our son. It is also a dishwasher and freezer safe (top rack only, as recommended).

Overall, I would say that the 3 Teether Toys are safe to use for your infant as long as you have followed the care instructions and cautions. Parents are advised to supervise when this product is in use for our infant's security.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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