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Oct 17, 2014

Why not get an amplifier

It's nice to play an instrument with the help of something that would make the outcome of the sound even better. For instance, this nice egnater rebel 30 were mostly used by guitarist in order to produce such high and good sound combination. This product also comes with great features you might want to check. Thought you might want to consider, I do remember way back in my High school days when we played in the band. We have an amplifier to make the sound of the guitar even better and I like it. 

Getting ready to learn: Tutorial with Preschool Education

Starting to help our kids with an early education at home is the best way for them to know the basic things in preparation for schooling. I'm thankful that my MIL gave our son this book for Pre-K schooler for us to teach him early things before he goes to enroll in Pre-K.

There are interesting ways and learning in the book and glad to know that our son loves to color, draw, trace and have games to accomplish. We should help our little one as early as possible in order for them to adjust when it's time for them to go to school. 

Oct 12, 2014

Find dance classes online

It's best for kids to join other activities while they were still young aside from the school and their daily doings. An extracurricular activity outside would be great for their minds and body. For instance, if you have kids who loves to dance, it's time and best to show to them that we are here to support them and help them to fulfill that. Therefore, if you want to enroll them in a dance class, you can find a dance classes here, which would be easier and better for you and them. 

Oct 7, 2014

Kids and their toys

Kids and their toys seem natural in every home who has kids. We want to make our kids feel better  by getting them toys they love to play. We buy toys for our son, but not too much as we know that he already got plenty and when the occasion strikes he gets more. Therefore, few things make also takes care of what they have rather than just play from one toy to the other. 

This is one of those days that hubby bought our little one hot wheels. He is fascinated with the different cars and plays with them days and even months. 

Oct 3, 2014

#Review Sturdy yet adorable kids luggage only at

My family and I love to travel, if given the chance to visit a different place we always take advantage to see the sights of what the area can offer and promote us. It's tireful after yet endearing to  pack things in our luggages and to guarantee we have everything, I even make a list of all the things needed to trip. I don't want to miss out anything at home.

Mostly, kids also have their own things to bring too, and I would like to separate it as much as possible, that way when they needed it during the travel it'll be easier for me to get them without opening the whole luggage I have already packed. I've been searching for a nice, sturdy and yet delightful luggage that is projected for kids.

Okiedog is been there for many years now, and never fails to electrify me about how resilient and adorable their products are. Whether if it's for your child or for the mother's use and even infant accessories they carry it. They have those fashionable style that would adore every person who sees their product, trust me, I received so many compliments about the previous product review I worked with them.

This time, I received their endearing WildpackRolling Luggage - Tiger, with a value of $34.95 in the mail via UPS. The packaging is indeed magnificent, I am content to know that the products inside are safe and that is one most thing I'm looking forward during shipment.

When I have touched the Wildpack Rolling Luggage I honestly felt that this is something a mother should get for their kids. Sturdy, hard to protect your kid's stuff inside, I love the roller for them to roll the luggage themselves also the charming character that I picked for my son. It comes with 6 different animal characters of your choice.  

Liked the product? Please visit the website @ to see more of the products they can offer you. You may also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter get an exclusive website offers. 

Sep 27, 2014

Find adorable Tees for your kids only at #Review and #Giveaway

I've always loved Tatutina the minute I work with the company for the very first time. If you don't remember it, I received and reviewed their amazing Wooden Letters which can be found on the highlighted link, where now I hanged in our son's bedroom. And when I say it's remarkable product, you should read my review about the product to learn more.

And today, I am very fortunate to work with this generous company once again. Thrilled to check out their kid's tees and received a pair for our little one. I choose the nice Bold Black Dog T-Shirt - size 5T, value of $ 18.00 for my son. Knowing him since the day I pushed him out, he adores the color green and I do find that this  shirt color would indeed enlighten him more about his favorite color. Of course, he adores dogs, in my opinion, he will love this shirt. 
I was really excited to receive the product in the mail and yes, it did come faster than I expected. All my expectations about my son's opinion indeed are true, he loves the shirt and the medal that comes with it. The Tatutees is wonderful the minute I opened and touched it, it has a soft fabric and I love the vivid print of the black dog on it. The quality material they used is 100% Cotton, indeed 100% Kid, it has a very nice Bright green shirt with black & white Ruffin Ready graphics, a Super-soft, pure cotton design, I'm also glad to know that the Tatutees is a Machine Washable/Dryer Safe, and comes in sizes: 2T, 4T, and 5/6.
I also love the Medal that comes with the shirt, as well as my 4-years old son. He wants to wear it all the time now, and you can also write down their name on the back of the medal which matches the Tatutee.

Liked the product? You may purchase it @, while you're there, don't forget to check out the different awesome items they have online.

Now it's your chance to be able to acquire one of their amazing Tatutee for your child. I am hosting a giveaway sponsored by This is only for US Residents and 18+ years old.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Sep 24, 2014

Ebook - Terry Treetop Finds New Friends (2) #Review #promotion

I guess I need to find more ebooks for my little man now that he knows how to read. We were fascinated with the ability he have lately, knowing to read in a very early stage of childhood is definitely a gift/talent. He knows pretty much everything from just reading and could learn more in advance. 
In order to enhance his reading skills, we have to ensure that he reads at least once or twice each day and even encourage him to read often too. By then, when he gets into his adolescence stage, he will pretty much read most of the children's books in this household, unless I have to get a new book for him.

Thankfully, I have another way of purchasing good books for him to start. An ebook where I can download from an online store and down to my ipad2. It's more convenient, fast and yes, I don't need to stack them all in our bookshelves. Our little man could simply open the tablet and go to the kindle apps we have in order to view or read the book. 
Today I will be reviewing about an Ebook entitled - Terry Treetop Finds New Friends. The cover of the book indeed is an eye-catcher, every little boy or girl would be curious of what the story is all about. The simple words along with 1 photo to describe a specific scene comes with mostly page. The values of the story are what I'm always looking forward to learn and again, I am happy to see how simple and good the story about Terry. Helpful, patience and more is what you can read in the book, a truly nice reading material for kids.

Would like to purchase the ebook? Please visit Amazon for only $1.00 and it will automatically download to your tablet or kindle gadgets.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sep 19, 2014

When kids starts opening mails for you

Kids started to be more curious when they started to get older, and when they started to reach a certain age, they will bombard you with questions you need to answer for them. 

Our son recently loves to do things for us, especially opening our mails, it is whether a package or bills. Doesn't really matter as long as he opens it for us. We often told him not to open mails as it is a federal crime, even if we are his parents. It is also inappropriate for him to open things that doesn't belong or doesn't have his name on it. It is a show of being disrespectful, though kids do make mistakes once in a while, we the parents are there for them to teach them what's right and wrong.

It's best to explain things to them the simplest way we can, so our kids could absorb these values and teaching easily.

And because it wasn't his birthday, nor Christmas he never gets any package in the mail. I do, as a favor I let him open my package for me and it's nice to just see that precious face looks so excited while unwrapping a package. 

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