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Jan 27, 2016

Muslin Swaddle Blanket - 3 Pack, Unisex - Ziggy Baby 48 x 48 Large Muslin Blanket for Boys & Girls in Chevron, Cross & Arrow Patterns - 100% Muslin Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap - Best Baby Shower Gift (Baby Product) #savvybaby #Review

Having a baby is such a blessing, it's not everyone who wish and plan to grow their family would have the same blessings as I am.  And when that happens, don't give up, have faith and hope for the things you are doing, since there are reasons behind that we might not understand for now, but in later time.

That's why, when God gave you a precious gift, take good care of them. They are very precious and unique and fragile. Our children are meant for us, so we have to take good care of them.

Other than taking care of our children, we always find what's best for them. From the clothing, to the food they take as well as the things we use for them.

Make sure that they are comfortable, and well pampered, especially at night when we are asleep. We can't tell whenever our babies are comfortable on their sleep. And so, we swaddle them to be safe and comfy.

Today, I have the opportunity to review this wonderful Swaddle Blanket. The product arrived in the mail in a great condition. I see no signs of damage in the packaging box that I was very thrilled to open the box and examine the product. 
Packaging isn't bad at all...
It has 3 set in one pack, I find it a very good deal for the price itself.  I adore the different style/design of the blanket as well as the color white because I can see the dirt right away. Definitely a unisex kind, so if I'll have another baby in the future and it's to be either girl or another boy, I can still use the blanket for swaddle. 
Amazing designs..Isn't it? (photo from Amazon)
Wide enough to swaddle my gigantic son... hehehehe
Each blanket is wide enough that you can make a bigger triangle to fit and swaddle my baby comfortably. Oh the fabric is also amazing, very smooth and soft. My son likes it and also breathable. Can easily fold them and just love the fabric that it is made of.

Through this blanket, I'm convenient that I can use this just because it is long enough and that it's very soft as well as watching my son feels comfortable whenever I swaddle him is a relief.

I would recommend this item to those who are looking for a nice swaddle blanket, wants a longer blanket and more. A great gift for baby showers and welcoming parties.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Jan 19, 2016

Snow Day, Because the weather today is unpleasant...

Boy!!! This mother were so happy when I got a phone call from the school around 6:00 o'clock in the morning about the cancellation for today. And glad to answer that because it is indeed a good news. That phone call is one of the happiest early phone calls I've ever received this year. I know, my happiness is too shallow, but getting up early on a very cold day seems to be too impossible. Especially, when you have a young student to send to school. 

After the phone call notice, I went back to sleep instead of dragging myself downstairs, helping my sons to get ready and then wait until it's time for us to go outside. I'm very fortunate, to have a very supportive husband to help me out on this simple task daily. Oh Wait!!! I have to clean the car, warm it up so that my boys would not be frozen while waiting for the bus.

Because if it wasn't that, this day could be one of the many cold weather we have outside. I checked my weather app and boy oh boy!!! Temperature hits a teenager range, and that is quite unpleasant. Not only for me but for the bus drivers and those employee who will drive in a snowy day.

Do I sound like I'm complaining? It sounds like I am but I just simply share how happy I am and I'm sure most of the parents that they at least have a snow day [no class] so that they could stay at home with their children.

An extended no class day  for my son to be at home.

Jan 17, 2016

My #Review about the 20-Pack #LINKYO 20 Color Liquid Chalk Marker Pens

Liquid chalk marker pens are amazing tools, especially when you like to draw or create something fun on a board or in a glass window. Both ways was not being tried by me since and I'm very ecstatic that I have no excuse this time to try and be creative with something using a colored liquid chalk marker pen.

I have the opportunity to receive a 20-pack 20 color liquid chalk marker pens by LINKYO. And today, the item arrives in the mail via UPS delivery.  As checking in the packaging box, I see no signs of damage in shipment that I'm very confident to open the packaging box with enthusiasts.

The labeled box has its simple procedure on how you can use the markers, especially for the very first time. Very easy and quick procedure. It comes with 20 different colors including a GOLD and SILVER Tone.

It also comes with 2 extra tips which also has a point and a slant, just in case and using the markers for the very first time is quite fascinating. I did shake, and press and hold until the liquid comes out through the tip.

I like how it comes smoothly after I shake it very well, when using and writing with the pens it doesn't smear and it comes off easily too when you have it in your hands. It also dries fast.

For the price of the List Price of   $59.99, and regular Price of $29.99, it now on sale for only $22.9. That's a lot of saving there for $37.04 (62%) just for you to acquire one. You can find the product HERE.

For this I would recommend to get the 20-pack liquid markers, that way you'll have all the colors you need. You can create/write/draw pretty much anything. And the quality of the product, I would say the liquid/ink itself is wonderful.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Jan 11, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

This post is an overdue, due to my laziness, well lazy to update this blog because of so many things. Aside from my online sideline, which sometimes takes all of my time, I have a toddler who needs to be constantly be watched because he is all over.

This is the new year, I should be sharing/posting new post about new or updated post in this blog.

I know, I have excuses, but I have to make up this time. I'll ensure that right after this post, new articles will be flooding this blog.

But for now, I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and May it be a PROSPEROUS ONE!
photo not mine

Dec 8, 2015


Now that our son has his own guitar to play with the other accessory that we need to get for him that would perfectly go with his musical instrument is an amplifier. However, I have no knowledge or whatsoever about this item, yet to search online.

Glad to find a website where accessories such as amplifiers do exist. Not only one, but I have a variety of items to choose from. The MusiciansFriend bass amplifiers online store has a lot of amplifiers that might be a potential for the one we are looking for, for our son.

It has reviews from previous buyers, on which it would be easier for me to determine which one is better and which isn't. 

Dec 3, 2015

12 Months, 1 Year past - Our Chance Caleve turn's 1

Oh Yes!!! Isn't it odd? Time flies so fast that you just woke one day and boom! 364 days have gone. It seems that I experienced during this day of last year is still very bright. For those who followed me would know exactly that I'm chatting about. However, I'd love to invigorate you with that remarkable moment.

Let me take you 1 year ago. It was December 04 of 2014 when I have to go to the Clinic, by myself, for my weekly prenatal. Morning seems to be so normal, I have to get ready because our 4 years old had an afternoon class. He was in Pre-K and the bus will pick him up around 12:45 PM. 
Only 1 week old...
I've always been on time whenever I have my appointments or even when it's my children. I'd like to be there so I can be seen early, knowing I need to go back home to pick up our son. And if there's any changes at least I have enough time as well. My appointment won't be until 2:00pm and yes, I'm all prepared before that time.

Moreover, I drove to my OB-Gyne's Clinic, did some examination, however, when the nurse checked me, (I can still photograph the look on her face) she was alarmed. Asked me if I was with anybody there, I said NO. Asked me again,  if I'm in pain or feels contractions, I said NONE. And the only thing I have answered her was that I feel so heavy....LOL

Before that, I knew I was 2 weeks away from my Due Date, so even though I know that I will be in labor anytime soon, I did not expect it that time.
The nurse was even more surprised and concern about what she found out. I was 5 CM, in which in medical pregnancy term I am pretty much in labor.

I did feel a Braxton hicks, which is very common when you are on your 3rd trimester. I was still calm in the clinic, the assistant nurse of my Awesome and pretty OB-Gyne sent me downstairs for a Sonogram to see what exactly my baby's status in. Through the ultrasound it can tell the fluid and the baby's status.  From a less than 15 minutes daily routine prenatal, it ends up to an hour and so in the clinic.

After the result, I was told that my fluid is only 5% which isn't good. I need to deliver the baby, or he will be in a big trouble. My feelings that time was overwhelming, cause finally the moment has arrived for us to see our newest member of the family, and also scared of what might things happened at the maternity ward.

I talked with my OB-Gyne after her assistant explained to me of the concepts of having natural birth due to my size and what would be the necessary things they need to do if the baby's shoulder get stuck. There were so many things going on in my head during that time. But, I was determined that I can do this.

I was given another option if things go wrong, and to have a Caesarean, methods are being explained to me. This is my second child, I would know exactly what to do. A mother's instinct kicks in, nevertheless, if the baby is distress the only option I would do is for the baby's health and have a C-section.

I was advised to go directly to the Maternity Ward of WCA, Jamestown, NY to check-in. I was not advised to drive myself alone, even though that hospital is just 5 minutes away from the clinic.

I called the husband to gear up, need to meet me at the Clinic and explained the changes. Went to the Maternity ward, where my awesome nurse was waiting for me, and makes sure I'm very comfortable and all.
5 minutes after my delivery...
After 5 hours later, on December 4th of 2014 at 10:31PM a healthy 7 lbs, 20 inches Baby Boy was born. It was a matter of  3-5 quick pushed, an epic start that will always be cherished. What's the best part? My Late Mother in Law was actually there to be witnessed my delivery, she was there on behalf of my mother who is 9 thousand miles away from me.

I am fortunate that my labor is short, I was even praised, that hopefully women who give birth will have a silent labor just like I did. I have never experienced such excruciating pain until such time that I was about to push. I'm thankful that things went the way I've always prayed to happen. I'm thankful that our second child, Chance Caleve, is healthy and hoping that it would always stay the same. Thankful that I am loved by the people that surround me.

To the awesome staff and my wonderful OB-Gyne I'm always grateful for everything, without their medical expertise and care it would never be easy for me.

Today, all those memories are being refreshed. We are celebrating our son's 1st year birth date. Now, where does the time go?

I am writing this, hopefully that one day, when I am gone and this post still lives on, our Son's would read and live through the day he was born. 

Dec 1, 2015

Holiday Toy Guide: #dinosaurtoys Figures, 12 Set #Review

Today is the time of the year that we always think of what would be the best gift we can possibly give to our children. Something that is educational and at the same time kids would enjoy them too.

There are so many competitors in the market lately due to the upcoming occasion. So many things to look up and I truly get confused whenever there are so many items to look at.

Today, I will review the awesome Kids Imaginative Dinosaur Toy Figures & Learning Resources for Toddlers, Boys & Girls - Educational Prehistoric Animal Planet Dinos for Kid Playtime Activities - 12 Set Large Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs  by Kids Imaginative.

The product arrived in the mail via the UPS. I don't see any signs of damage in the packaging that I was comfortable to open the item.

Very secure packing, when I unwrapped the packaging box, I saw the 12 pieces different kind of dinosaur figures. The toys are bigger than I thought, in which I find it much better. Kids would definitely enjoy each piece.

I like the vivid color of each Dinos and how firm they all are. They all stand when I put them on a flat surface and I didn't have any problem doing that. They are durable and fantastic. And also lightweight too.

I find each color clear and the figures are really attractive to kids. My son adores them all, he isn't into Dinosaurs but when he sees the item, he's been playing with them since.

I would say, I would purchase this product again and give it as a gift. A great gift guide to someone who wish to get something that would widen their child's imagination when it comes to reptiles.

For the price itself, it is totally worth it. You can purchase the item here.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Nov 15, 2015

#Review on Soft Silicone Bib by #babygogreenbib

Now that my son is becoming more messy while eating his food, the only thing that I can do to lessen it is a nice bib. I have the old baby bib of my first born and it is handed down to my second child, something I did because first both are boys and this would save us so much money. Glad, I did not give all my first born's stuff now we have pretty much everything he has before.

I'm very open to changes, as long as it won't hurt my traditional ways, I'm going with it. New things are also great, though I do value vintage and antiques - as new things or new changes just gives us the easiest way possible.

Just like this Soft Silicon Bib from Baby Go Green. I received 2 sets one is green and the other is light blue. Both have the company's name in front, and what I love about this bib is not the same as the cloth ones I used. Silicone which means, this is very safe, easy to clean and one big relief for me is it of course stain resistant.

Wonderfully soft food grade silicone, adjustable neck fastener design up to 4 sturdy holes/fastener and it is also BPA Free and FDA approved, so I don't get worried to let my son stick his tongue out or tries to chew this kind of material.

I like the deep pocket design catches crumbs and mess because it gets so convenient and less messy for the entire place.

After using the bib, all I did is to wash it right away. The food stain does goes away immediately after you wash the bib. Very easy to dry, all I do was to hang it dry and it is ready for the next use.

I am glad it comes with 2 set in one pack, I don't need to wash and use one bib right away. My son is 11 months old now and he looks like 18 months old and still the bib has more room for the next adjustment.

One factor I like about the bib too is I can use this for my son until it comes to a certain point that he is too big for the silicone bib. I would definitely recommend and buy another one of these.

For the List Price of $19.99, it is now down to the price for $13.99 you totally save $6.00 (30%) off the original price. This is perfect for a baby shower gift idea.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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