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Oct 7, 2017

Preparations for a Home Renovation

There are many different types of home renovation projects. You might be doing something very large and involved like adding a new room to your home. You could have a smaller project like replacing the cabinets in your kitchen. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you know the right steps to take so your home renovation project is completed as quickly as possible with no mistakes. The procedure for preparing your home to be renovated will be basically the same regardless of the size of the project. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

1. Decide exactly what will be renovated.

Ideally, you should try to avoid making any changes at the last minute when it comes to your renovation project. This can create serious problems and might cause your project to take a lot longer to complete. Your contractor will be hiring people, renting equipment and ordering supplies based on the renovation plans you initially discuss with him. Changing your plans at the last minute might require different equipment or materials. Therefore, you should make all of your final decisions before you contact a home renovation contractor.

2. Look for a contractor to be in charge of renovating your home.

A contractor is a person who makes a living by overseeing construction crews on various renovation projects. This person will be in charge of all the people who will be renovating your home. Needless to say, it is crucial that this person knows exactly what he is doing. He needs to have a firm grasp of the project so that he will be able to make sure it is done correctly. You should hire a contractor with at least five years of experience. You should also look at some of the other homes the contractor has worked on.

3. Prepare the area of your home that is going to be renovated.

You need to be sure the area where the construction crew will be working is prepped and ready to go when they get there. You should not have any junk laying around that will need to be picked up and put away when the crew shows up to your home. Make sure there will be enough room for the workers to use their equipment. The workers should also have easy access through your home in the renovation area.

Swimming Lesson Fall 2017


Another season of my first born’s swimming lesson. And this time, he is doing great, no longer shy turd, but now becoming more interactive with other kids and he seems to be doing well.

Last year my husband’s Aunt had to go down by the pool to encourage him to swim back and forth in order to get used to swimming and to practice the skills even more.

This time, I’m glad I don’t need to go down right next to the pool and walk just for him to swim and practice more.

It was a nice and fun beginning of the season, there were so many students with different aids to help them.

Looking forward to be better in the next few weeks. 

Oct 6, 2017

Designing Cornhole Boards

Cornhole is a fun game that you can play outside with your family and friends. It's easy to set up and doesn't take up a lot of space. There are numerous designs that you can create with cornhole sets, such as sports themes, hobbies or favorite colors. You can add lights and special effects to the boards for added flair. If you like making the sets, you can go into business creating them so that you can make a little extra money.

Before you make or buy any kind of cornhole boards, you should look at the dimensions. You want to get boards that are made to the proper specifications instead of using boards that are uneven or don't have the right number of holes in them. There are certain distances that the holes should be from each other. The design of the board shouldn't be so dramatic that it interferes with playing the game. Avoid using colors that are too dark because you won't be able to see the holes to throw the bean bags. High-gloss paint often makes the surface slippery, which can make it easier for the bean bags to slide when they are thrown.

A benefit of cornhole boards is that you can create any kind of design that you imagine on the surface. There are a few ideas that you can follow to make your boards really stand out from others that have been designed. Glow-in-the-dark paint makes it easy to play the game in the evening. Lights are another option if you want to play at night instead of during the day. Position the hole so that it's a part of the overall design. Ideas would be where the eyes would be on a face or skull or windows of a house. If you aren't good at drawing, then you can get decals to put on the boards. Make sure you seal the decals in place after they are placed so that they don't get ruined by moisture. Another option is to get bags that match the same design on the boards.

Easter Sunday 2017, Easter Bunny came by too

This is a very late upload and post. Just can’t keep up with everything at once, plus I’m slacking a lot and the supposed to be posting this simple post to keep everyone updated.

Anyways, this was last Easter Sunday, when Easter Bunny actually came and bring goodies to the kids. After church, the kids had fun digging up their Easter basket. They even have a big box that I don’t remember what it was.

It was a fun to watch the kids and their goody baskets and all, and thinking about the Bunny who hopped from house to house to deliver the baskets to good kids is another fun to think.

However, I never forget to tell them the importance of why we are celebrating the Easter Sunday. It’s about Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save us from our sin and was risen on the third day.

Sep 26, 2017

Kid’s Safety with their Car Seats

“This is a sponsored post. All opinions is 100% mine.”

As a parent, all I wanted for my children is to be safe no matter where and what. My husband and I make certain that we have given them not the perfect, but good car seats while they are still little. We make sure that safety comes first, knowing no matter how careful we can be on the road, accidents do happen, and if that happens then we wanted to ensure, provided that it is not a disaster one, everyone in the car will be alright.

So, learning from the expects and to those who have knowledge about car seat safety is a great and perfect example to ensure we have done the right way of installing our kid’s car seats.

We don’t want to regret that when things goes bad, we couldn’t listen and done what is best for our precious ones., provides a video and article for you to interpret about car seat safety. Simple and proper way to install them in your vehicles. This is also a nice way  to share with new parents, single mom and dad out there who were na├»ve about this new adjustment in their life. It’s simple to have no car seat installed in your car, however when you have your bundle of joy with you. It is best to have them installed properly. 

Sep 14, 2017

I have a Second Grader now Plus a Senior Student too!

Time flies so fast! After all the things that happened during the Summer Season, I almost didn’t realize that I do have now a Second Grader Student. I tried to hold back my tears for the First day of school because I know even if it’s okay to be emotional, I just don’t want it.

Also, this time, we have our niece all the way from the Philippines to become a Senior this year at Frewsburg High School. It would be a totally adjustment for her, because not only through her studies as the whole culture itself.

They said that it’s easy for kids to adjust and adapt the new environment, however, we want to make sure that she is comfortable and happy with the new place. Temporarily she’ll stay with us, since she went to the School District in our town, and by law you must be living within the District.

Everyone woke up early on the first day until now and hope it will be like this until the end of this year.

Everything seems pretty jolly and happy with our Second Grader and Senior Students.

And after school, they both have a great First day. All I can hope for is a great school year for both, especially to our Senior Student.

Jun 7, 2017

Caleve's First Train Ride and it was in New York City

He always like trucks, vehicles and trains and never thought that sooner he will be able to ride in one. This happened when my son and I visited New York City to do some important errands. Of course, my good family friend has a car that picked us up from the airport. Because her youngest  was sick and we need to go back to the Philippine Consulate, and went to her first  born’s graduation ceremony. We took a train instead the next day, also I like it that way because this is a great way to actually be one of the locals and enjoy the busy place that I have never encountered in my laid back county, in which I am not looking forward to live in, lol.

Going in and out isn’t a hassle, but if you do have a toddler and a stroller climbing up and down is a workout. A good way for pretty Charmaine and I to help along with the lifting.

We did not get any seat right away, my son was bored sitting in his stroller and in the middle of the aisle. It was nearly 2 more stops before we could be seated. Of course, there were two American Man who could’ve removed their belonging on the seat and make a room for us, but NO!!!! THERE ARE NO LONGER GENTLEMEN left.. Well, except for my husband. To pissed them both off since we stand right next to them, I let my son cry, lol. But nothing!!! These men do have a heart of a rock!!! I promised myself that my boys will never be like these people.

Moving on, after we were seated my son finally stopped crying. Because he can finally the view outside and of course, I’m holding him. It’s too scary to be with all these unknown faces in a crowded place.

He loved the views and he can see those houses, buildings, some trees and when it stopped he sees more unfamiliar faces. Then when the train runs, he likes it because it  doesn’t make that much noise inside.

I thought, to get a photo of him while he enjoys the scenery and I’m glad I did, someday he will be able to sees all of this when he is old.

May 28, 2017

Caleve’s First Airplane Ride

I was a little bit nervous not because my son and I will be heading to New York City for 3 days, but because it will be our son’s first plane ride. I’m nervous he might be cranky in the plane and would make everyone else’s feel annoyed, though I don’t really care, yet the feeling he just might not like those ears popping and the turbulence.

When we are late to take our seats inside, he was pretty much calm. I gave him some treats so he’ll munch it and won’t be able to noticed the whole taking off of the plane. He sits and is very good in his seat at all, my suspicions were wrong and I feel relieved that everything is very smooth until we landed.

Of course, he was too busy eating his goodies and never pays attention to the whole situation. He watched the tv on the plane and just being a good 2 year old. I tried to show him the clouds and stuff, since it was raining there wasn’t much to look at but all those heavy clouds.

As for me, I tried to browse on my phone to find a good deal about luna guitars at and just need something to pass the time. Yet, I have found interesting information instead.

It was a quick airplane ride and I’m glad that our son was pretty cool about everything. 

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