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Aug 24, 2020

Homeschooling or Remote Learning due to Covid-19

 I’ve always wanted to homeschool my boys; I have heard so many pros and cons about homeschooling too. Even if I wanted too, my husband does not approve of me and homeschooling.

But things changed and 2-3 months ago when a Pandemic happened. Schools closed, establishment shut down and more…

And homeschooling is required in order to pursue our boy's education. And there were my wishes came true. Not the ways I wanted it to happen, but things happened for a reason.

Excuse the snarl hairdo... 😂

No one will care about the way you look at home.. LOL

I have heard from some parents that they would prefer to send their kids to school, they were having some trouble of their kids not listening to them, and also, its different with somebody else teach their kids rather than them as their kids don’t listen at all.

For my views, it’s different, I have taught my boys to write, read, and do basic school learning since the day they know what’s going on. At first, it is very hard and frustrating. Challenges you in every possible portion, yet in the end, it comes VERY much Handy. There is a lot different when parents and teachers teach kids. For teachers, went to a school and get a degree on how to do it, but parent’s teachings should always be an instinct. 

They have their own station during the remote learning...

This was taken months ago when both started to be homeschooled. Comment from the UPK one is that “he loves to be homeschooled, he does not need to wake up too early and can learn even when he is in his play clothes”. There is no comment from my oldest about remote learning and it seems he enjoys being at home while learning.

Jan 31, 2019

Halloween 2018..

I don’t want to miss out of sharing what our boy’s costumes during this year’s Trick or Treat. Chaos chooses to be a PIKACHU a famous Pokemon Character and the youngest has always wear the hand-me-down costume which is a NINJA. Both likes to be their unique CHARACTERS this year and I’m happy to see them both excited to go out trick or treat dressing up.

Weather is quite bad too; it’s raining and muddy outside. I don’t expect that there will be many who will go out tonight for the trick or treat. But we shall see, it’s a good weather to stay up until 8pm but when it’s damp outside and wet? Some people would never go that far at all. I would not blame them.

So far, around 6pm the boys headed out along with my nephew this time. It was his first Trick or Treating so he went along with the boys and his Uncle. My niece and I were the one who stayed home. I wanted to go, but I need to hand out candies for the kids to come over as well.

Like my prediction, there were not many who came. And we’ve got plenty of candies to eat. Nevertheless, my goddaughter came with her parents for a quick stop of trick and treating. The couple was beautiful as they also dress up as Mr. & Mrs. Vampire.



Earlier that day, the Elementary is having their Halloween Parade at school. So my sister and I went to see my son walked along with other students by class on their parade.  It was only a short one, as there were not many pupils in that school. It’s fun to see the whole employee walked with their costumes too, seeing the kids walk is more treasure to see.

Nov 28, 2018

Third Grader School Year 2018-2019

Kids nowadays do grow up too fast. The next thing you knew, they are in Middle School, but not our Kuya K. Well he still suddenly sprouts especially after when we got back from our 2 months vacation to the Philippines. He didn’t come with us this year, since come home later of September and I don’t want him to miss his first day of 3rd Grade.

However, I did miss it though, so I asked my niece to take a picture of him when she walks him towards the bus stop, which is by the road. Of course, he is not a big fan of smiling in the camera, the turd didn’t at all.

Even though I wasn’t there, the mixtures of emotions again happened. I guess, I will never get over this feeling at all. And so he is off to the bus and went to school. Later on that day, I asked him how the first day was, and of course the usual answer was “It is Okay.”

Yay!! To the first day and hope for the next months to come.

Apr 28, 2018

He turned 8 this year!!!

Time flies quicker than we can imagine. If you are busy with your daily routine life you will not see that birthdays, anniversaries and other events in life is fast approaching.

Just like the 8th birthday of our first born son. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was struggling to pushed him out into that delivery room and cried and looking for my Mama because of the contractions.

Then another year passed it was his first birthday celebration, and then today earlier this year he turned 8.

Still the sweetest, smartest, very quite (if he feels shy) and good son up to now. We do hope he will continue to be one. I have decided to invite family during our dinner celebration. He seems to be very happy this day, as his other friend was here as well to celebrate with him.

Apr 9, 2018

Sunday Class 2018, 2nd Grade

Lately this year, our 8 years old started his Sunday school since the beginning of the school year. Because, we don’t have Religion subject in their school, and as a Roman Catholic, it is my duty to introduce my children into my Religion. Some people might think about why not giving them a chance to pick the Religion they wanted when they grow up? What if they are not happy of the Religion they have now? My answer will be REALLY???!!!!..... REALLY!!!! LOL…

Anyways, I do ignore those questions from other people who don’t know my devotion.

We have our own ways to send and brought our children on earth. And this is our way to introduced them who God is, and how important He is in our lives.

I have to send our son to a 9 o’clock Sunday School in our Parish and then we proceed to attend the Holy Eucharist afterwards. Whenever they don’t have Sunday Class, I skipped the Mass, however I do listened to the online Eucharist which is from a different state, it is live and from a Notre Dame Parish.

They baked bread during the class; I would assume it has to do with the upcoming Lent. Our sons always bring some papers after the class and it’s a great way to him to re-read the information at home.

Mar 7, 2018

Lunch at Jollibee inside the Terminal

It wasn’t the first time my children dine-in at the famous Filipino fast food named Jollibee. Actually, I am not sure how many times they have dine-in at the fast food. For sure both had their first meal at New York City and it was already being scrapbook for keep sake.

However, we need to have our lunch at the Terminal before taking off. For we will be landed at General Santos City Airport pass lunch time, and we don’t want to travel kids with a hungry stomach. Of course, there is no doubt in my mind to take the travelers with me at Jollibee.

As expected, the place is packed. Good thing there were stall outside of other fast food chain in the Terminal. We got the chance to sit in but we have to make sure we take order from them too. In order to prevent the hassle we did. My Mama and Papa did order their lunch in that food stall so we will have somewhere to sit. It was a very filling lunch for everyone else.

Before we left, I asked my boys to stand right next to the Jollibee Statue for a quick souvenir. However, there is this one little kid who is also a big fan of the said Mascot and would never leave the place. He is also adorable, but that didn’t stop me from taking a photo of my boys. I don’t want to miss something that I can show them in the future.

After a quick break and strolling, we proceeded to our gate number to get prepared for our final destination bound to Gensan. I find it very nice although, I feel bad for myself as when I picked my parent’s seats, I didn’t know that I can put them into the front seat so my Mother don’t need to walk that far. But she managed to make it, she was fine, I think just exhausted and all.

Also, that day was the big fight of the Philippines Champ Boxer, Manny Paquiao. We didn’t really watch the whole fight, but thanks to the free WiFi in NAIA 3, we did watch a posted live video on Facebook, in which gives us something to do while boarding time started.

I better start digging all the pictures I have during our 2017 Philippines Vacation. That way, I have other things to show here as well.

Jan 12, 2018

A Visit to Katanggawan Place

It was one humid day when my Papa decided to visit one of their properties and this time it was at Katanggawan. I’ve heard about this area before, but I have not gone to see that place myself. So, without any question I took the boy with me just to wander around the area and of course to see the place myself.

Geared them up and sprayed with Mosquito repellent to prevent them from being bitten. And I just want to make sure that the boys will be safe, it’s very common to get a dengue fever in the Philippines due to the weather and so many mosquitoes in any places.

It was one night morning so the humidity wasn’t as bad as it used to be. I don’t have pictures for souvenirs because I think I left my phone at home. I am not sure if I brought it with me. The thought of the humidity and the mosquito bites on me just truly makes me not think about taking pictures.

It would be a good memories to have it with me, as Mama was also there with me. We buy snacks from the walking vendor, a popcorn and some thing else that I don’t even remember the name.

Maybe next time, during our visit I will be able to take more pictures so I will be able to post it here.

Nov 16, 2017

Pumpkin Carving 2017 what did we carve?

I’ve got to blog about our 2017 Pumpkin Carving with the family and plus we have an additional member of the family circle. No! I am not pregnant again. The newest member because my niece is with us this year and it is her very first time to carve pumpkins. You see, we don’t do this in the Philippines, we don’t have this much big pumpkins or not that I am aware of. So, this year is an extra special for working on it.

The place where we used to buy our pumpkins doesn’t have much grown this year. They said they have a bad/slow year for good pumpkins and so, they have limited good ones for sale. 
Getting ready... opening and gutting their pumpkins

Niece tracing her pattern

Messy table...

We ended up buying to the local store, and not sure where exactly it is originated. Still, we heard that one of our local farmer’s still has some good pumpkins left. And we drove our way to the place to get the rest of the 2 pumpkins. We have 4 this year.

Looking for the prototype isn’t hard nothing like before. All I did is to seek out online for the ones I sought and so was the rest of the family. We selected JACK from the Nightmare before Christmas, OWL’s Head for my 7 years old [thankful he finally joined to carve the pumpkin this year]. I’ve got the GRAVEYARD one and since my pumpkin isn’t too big, it was very hard to carve those tiny and thin parts. I managed it and come up with somewhat pretty close.
All carved pumpkins ready for display
My husband picked his own outline as he was busy fixing our Water Heater Tank as it was leaking in, which is another story that I would like to share next time. He has multiple patterns, nevertheless end up with a MAD PUMPKIN feature. Not sure specifically, yet it turned out to be pretty awesome.
Left to Right.... Son and Niece [Owl's Face, Jack from Nightmare before Christmas Movie]

Left to Right.... Husband, Mine [Monster Face, Graveyard]

We never forget to save the seeds of course, and since we have big pumpkins, there are more seeds as well. We baked and seasoned it, then munched it as a snack. This year, the husband didn’t cook it well and so we still have more sitting on our table, wondering when will it be eaten.

Moreover, we have put our pumpkins outside the house for decorations, lit the candle we have inside and it looked even better.

What about you? What did you carve this year? How fun was your pumpkin carving with your family?

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