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Sep 19, 2014

When kids starts opening mails for you

Kids started to be more curious when they started to get older, and when they started to reach a certain age, they will bombard you with questions you need to answer for them. 

Our son recently loves to do things for us, especially opening our mails, it is whether a package or bills. Doesn't really matter as long as he opens it for us. We often told him not to open mails as it is a federal crime, even if we are his parents. It is also inappropriate for him to open things that doesn't belong or doesn't have his name on it. It is a show of being disrespectful, though kids do make mistakes once in a while, we the parents are there for them to teach them what's right and wrong.

It's best to explain things to them the simplest way we can, so our kids could absorb these values and teaching easily.

And because it wasn't his birthday, nor Christmas he never gets any package in the mail. I do, as a favor I let him open my package for me and it's nice to just see that precious face looks so excited while unwrapping a package. 

Sep 10, 2014

I don't want to be September yet!!!

One of the main reasons why I never want to approach the month of September it's due to the fact that my son will soon be entering in a PreK. I know such a lame excuse, but the separation anxiety is killing me. I worried like there is no tomorrow and I am pretty sure I was told that teachers were trained to handle precious kids as well as they will be fine. As the school he will attend to would have a great record since then.

I honestly think he can skip PreK and just move on with us homeschooling our precious one. But, I don't want to be greedy, I have to share my son with the world and experience being what is it in school. With that decision, I regretted because the emotional feelings I'm having every time I send him to ride on that bus is excruciating. A feeling every mother will feel whenever they see their kids leave.

Anyways, it's there and I just can't take it back, hence face this roller coaster feeling until the school year ends.

Sep 5, 2014

Giveaway prize from Warrior Poet Clothier...

This is a great opportunity for me to thank those who voted my son's entry during the Warrior Poet Clothier's giveaway through Facebook. I adore their designs and their good quality clothing, that's why I was persistent to win every giveaway they hosted.

The first time I joined the contest, I was lucky enough to reach a higher vote and won a FREE T-shirt. So, I thought it was easy to get such a unique design from the company by simply joining their giveaways, whenever they have one. 

One of their unique giveaway shirt designs is what my son is wearing in the photo. I am very thankful for everyone who voted and spent time to support us. It might not cost a million dollars, hence it's precious for us.

Again, thank you everyone and thank you Warrior Poet Clothier conducting giveaways.

Sep 1, 2014

Everything starts at home

When dealing with our kids, we always have to ensure that your patience is high enough that we can control ourselves when parenting reaches its peak. Whenever our 4-years-old makes a big mess in his bedroom with his toys, I always asked him to clean up and put all his toys in the bin.

This is just one of those times that he needs to clean up his messy room so he'll be able to go outside. Glad that he was obedient too, of course the Mamarazzi has to take a stolen shot in this matter.

Aug 25, 2014

#Ebook Review, Kids would love Abigail and her journey #promotion

I love books since I was a little girl, it's still fresh to remember how I read all the books we have on our bookshelves at home. I guess, during my youth days, we never have these fancy gadgets now that would certainly attract kids and adults to play games rather than reading books and not an e-book or games in modern technologies.

Or maybe even if these modern technology exists during my younger time, I don't think my parents can afford to get us one as living with a big family have practical needs and other important things to be prioritized.

Anyways, I was given the opportunity to review a kid's an ebook through Amazon. Got it for only $1.00 and the ebook will be downloaded automatically to any tablet or kindle device you have in seconds. More efficient as you don't need to bring all those heavy books with you if you need to read them for your kids. Quick and convenient for everyone, thanks to modern technologies now.

The ebooks titled Abigail and her journey is a very interesting book for kids to read. I would say, this is a great bedtime story for your little one. This would help their imagination widen as there are at least a few images on the ebook for them to see what Abigail is doing. I love how she works her imagination in the story to be in those places, this is a great way to teach kids about creating their own imagination and how they can widen it too.

Overall, my familiarity with the ebook is wonderful, kids friendly, I love the imagination works in the story and how to be nice with each other no matter what race you are as well as the values it has.

Liked to purchase one for your kid? Then simply visit them @ Amazon and download the ebook.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Aug 20, 2014

A handmade knitted Baby Blanket

It was a great surprise when my MIL made me a new knitted blanket for the upcoming newest member of the family. I love the design and of course our 4-year-old son also adores the color. YES! For some reasons, he loves green and everything has to be green whenever colors are involved. 

Being a kid, he also wants to use the blanket as I explained to him that it is for his baby sibling. I even told him that it won't fit as he is already a big boy and baby are tiny, so they'll be warm when I cover our precious with the blanket. He wasn't contented as I laid the blanket on the floor and wants to see if I am right. As you can see in the second picture he did lay down on it, which that helps as he stops bugging me with the knitted blanket.
Goofy looking one...

Aug 14, 2014

Getting ready for the New Member

All the purchased item wasn't mine few were things I think I truly needed when our newest member of the family arrives. Oh! Did I forget to mention that my husband and I were blessed with a wonderful gift? The kind of a precious gift that this time we did not expect to receive. We've been asking ourselves, we must have done something good to deserve such wonderful gift from HIM.

Moreover, as far as I am still way far from my due date, I've constantly wanted to get things ready and settle. That way, when I'm way too vast the only thing I can do is sit, wait and of course relax while enjoying the punch and kicks of my unborn child together with our first born. 

And here I am, ordered few things online with the money or  gift card I earn while working in Swagbucks. In which you can also try them, earn from searching, watching ads, surveys and more sign up HERE. Start earning by searching on the web. 

Aug 10, 2014

Child's future in learning a musical instrument

One best way to teach our younger generation about musical instruments is as early as possible. It will be easier to show them, and mold them about loving how musical instrument can do in their life. There are so many different ways to ease our life with this instrument.

As early as possible, we are planning to enroll our little one in a cheapest musical school, where he will be able to find the love of music. Starts learning on how to play the kinds of instrument his heart desires.

And if anything by chance, he will be able to admire playing guitars in the future a visit to traveler pro guitar is one thing we surely try. Besides, bringing your own instrument while travelling would be something I would like for our son to do, in order to have a better music background.  

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