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Sep 14, 2017

I have a Second Grader now Plus a Senior Student too!

Time flies so fast! After all the things that happened during the Summer Season, I almost didn’t realize that I do have now a Second Grader Student. I tried to hold back my tears for the First day of school because I know even if it’s okay to be emotional, I just don’t want it.

Also, this time, we have our niece all the way from the Philippines to become a Senior this year at Frewsburg High School. It would be a totally adjustment for her, because not only through her studies as the whole culture itself.

They said that it’s easy for kids to adjust and adapt the new environment, however, we want to make sure that she is comfortable and happy with the new place. Temporarily she’ll stay with us, since she went to the School District in our town, and by law you must be living within the District.

Everyone woke up early on the first day until now and hope it will be like this until the end of this year.

Everything seems pretty jolly and happy with our Second Grader and Senior Students.

And after school, they both have a great First day. All I can hope for is a great school year for both, especially to our Senior Student.

Jun 7, 2017

Caleve's First Train Ride and it was in New York City

He always like trucks, vehicles and trains and never thought that sooner he will be able to ride in one. This happened when my son and I visited New York City to do some important errands. Of course, my good family friend has a car that picked us up from the airport. Because her youngest  was sick and we need to go back to the Philippine Consulate, and went to her first  born’s graduation ceremony. We took a train instead the next day, also I like it that way because this is a great way to actually be one of the locals and enjoy the busy place that I have never encountered in my laid back county, in which I am not looking forward to live in, lol.

Going in and out isn’t a hassle, but if you do have a toddler and a stroller climbing up and down is a workout. A good way for pretty Charmaine and I to help along with the lifting.

We did not get any seat right away, my son was bored sitting in his stroller and in the middle of the aisle. It was nearly 2 more stops before we could be seated. Of course, there were two American Man who could’ve removed their belonging on the seat and make a room for us, but NO!!!! THERE ARE NO LONGER GENTLEMEN left.. Well, except for my husband. To pissed them both off since we stand right next to them, I let my son cry, lol. But nothing!!! These men do have a heart of a rock!!! I promised myself that my boys will never be like these people.

Moving on, after we were seated my son finally stopped crying. Because he can finally the view outside and of course, I’m holding him. It’s too scary to be with all these unknown faces in a crowded place.

He loved the views and he can see those houses, buildings, some trees and when it stopped he sees more unfamiliar faces. Then when the train runs, he likes it because it  doesn’t make that much noise inside.

I thought, to get a photo of him while he enjoys the scenery and I’m glad I did, someday he will be able to sees all of this when he is old.

May 28, 2017

Caleve’s First Airplane Ride

I was a little bit nervous not because my son and I will be heading to New York City for 3 days, but because it will be our son’s first plane ride. I’m nervous he might be cranky in the plane and would make everyone else’s feel annoyed, though I don’t really care, yet the feeling he just might not like those ears popping and the turbulence.

When we are late to take our seats inside, he was pretty much calm. I gave him some treats so he’ll munch it and won’t be able to noticed the whole taking off of the plane. He sits and is very good in his seat at all, my suspicions were wrong and I feel relieved that everything is very smooth until we landed.

Of course, he was too busy eating his goodies and never pays attention to the whole situation. He watched the tv on the plane and just being a good 2 year old. I tried to show him the clouds and stuff, since it was raining there wasn’t much to look at but all those heavy clouds.

As for me, I tried to browse on my phone to find a good deal about luna guitars at and just need something to pass the time. Yet, I have found interesting information instead.

It was a quick airplane ride and I’m glad that our son was pretty cool about everything. 

May 23, 2017

OFF to Dental Appointment

The kids dental appointment was last month, but for some reason that I have never seen my son’s gum on the side of his right cheek were being bitten by himself while sleeping. Even he doesn’t know what’s going on and I feel terrified, and embarrassed because it feels like I don’t know anything what’s going on with my son. That’s one thing that I missed because I don’t see that part often at all.

Because of that, his Dentist mentioned something about sealing. I was pretty much occupied with my 2 year old son that I was confused on the sealing she mentioned. Today, I’ll definitely ask her more information about what does she need to seal?

Though, it will take at least 80 minutes drive back and forth, I’ll have to take this opportunity to take the kids myself for a quick road trip. I do not like driving that far, but what can I do? Daddy is working and I’m in-charge of all these errands.

Got at the Dental office earlier than our time and we were done quickly. She made a filing on 4 molars. The same thing, he doesn’t seem to have a cavity that much, but of course just the molars. In like a few minutes, we headed back home and I ran into some couponing errands and went to the Mall for my Victoria secret exchange item in which it turned out to be a pretty nice day. Instead of getting only 1 bra, because the online did pretty complicated thing, they credited me with $20 and got my bralette not one but two as well as got all my free panties too. 

Apr 13, 2017

Spring Break is ON…

After weeks of the last Winter Break now comes the Spring Break and I am loving it. It is not that I don’t like getting up, helping our 1st Grader get ready for school, in which I should enjoy (you might think I’m crazy, however this will never last) soon enough they are old not to rely on us and be more independent.

I also need some time to sleep in, having a rambunctious two year old is a blessing yet sometimes drains me out. For now, I am his world and I love it, in which I’d like to take advantage, but sometimes I just need rest as I cannot do anything on my own without him being too attached.

I am thankful that Spring Break is here and we all get to sleep in, well, except our Dada who has to work to support us [we truly appreciate his hard work for us].

Now, we can either go outside and wander or stay inside longer in our pajamas and just watch movies, play or just being what we normally do.

As for me, I get more time to finish all the sidelines, I’m doing online and offline. I can share good deals when it comes in finding a nice fbv. I might be able to share good deals for your little ones.

What about you? What do you usually do during your student’s breaks? 

Mar 16, 2017

Need help with love relationship? Here how..

I grow up in an environment or culture that has superstitious beliefs. There are times that this belief do makes sense and others are just way too tiring. I mean, others would find it ridiculous, and some don’t and find it quite useful to prevent things from certain happening. There’s nothing wrong or you won’t lose anything if you follow them through.

Until now I have had a few beliefs that I carried with me as I live my life. I believe it’s because the way I was brought up and so I will enclose them. Sounds ridiculous, except that is life.

One of the beliefs I carried along with me is when someone read my palm that someday, I’ll be able to get married, however, I have to cross an ocean first before that happens and this will be something far. I was skeptical at first, yet even forget about that reading until one day, everything just happened accordingly and right there and then, I knew palm reading do exist. I guess, it is the matter of how and when will it occur. However, I never do expect anything to happen until one day.

I do believe in it, reading cards about love relationships. Maybe if you have a question about love, relationships and could not find a way to get some answers, with the help of the spellcaster Maxim at is what you should try.  I was also curious about the website can do for me, and so I have tried and read more about it. Browsed and check it myself so I would know exactly what it can give me. There is an articles section in which you can find about candle magic, money magic and of course the psychology readings, in which I do find very useful for myself.

It also does give you readings in any way you want it. It gives you a satisfactory answer to your questions, and makes you think. It gives you a wide information about what you are looking for.

Either good or something curious, I would suggest to visit the spellcaster website for more information. If you want some interesting about love and relationships or maybe you are just curious of what you’re reading will be, check out the website it is worth trying.

Mar 10, 2017

Monkeys? Or what?

This is what our boys did one day when the oldest showed me that he can climb the post in our living room. I wasn’t sure that he will because it’s rare for him to dare until he actually showed me and hold on a little bit longer because I want to capture this moment.

Of course, whatever Kuya is doing the little one copies him a lot. He tries to climb too, but unfortunately he can only hold on just where you saw him.

Kids are too funny, they’ll show you the great things they have done or not. I’m glad Kuya did showed me that he is ready for climbing now. I mentioned to him that, once we visited Philippines I will let him climb in a papaya tree, or guava tree. So he can either get me some of the fruits or he can just hang out up there. As long as he will be careful, though.

I even teased him that he does climbed like a monkey, or maybe he is one? He just chuckled.

After that, I told him to get down so never climbed that post again, as his little brother will execute whatever he will do. We don’t want anyone to get hurt for trying without their mama or papa around.

So, I proceeded upstairs to check about guitar center grand rapids and what it can benefit me.

Mar 3, 2017

A Note to Santa

It was an amazing thing to think about kid’s imagination. It reminded me of mine while I was growing up. Because I read a lot, I do have this incredible imaginations that most of the time some thinks I’m going nuts.

I have a huge idea that sometimes I’m scared to share with because people might think differently or it’s way too impossible. Well, enough about me. I’d like to share the note that our 7 years old wrote last Christmas.

It started when he got busy writing and taking some of my Post-it. Because I didn’t ask him what is he writing about.

Not until, I have noticed that he actually wrote a note for Santa. Apparently, it started when I told my husband about what this kid in the Mall did when he saw Santa walking.

The kid, judging from what I saw he is at least 6-7 years old, too, actually run towards Santa and call him and even hugged him. Just melts my heart on how this kid truly believes in Santa.

Little did I know that our Dodong was listening to my story and eventually wants to see Santa himself too. And so the note was written.

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