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Nov 21, 2014

Check your Insurance?

Winter is fast approaching, whether we like it or not the snow has fallen since the 3rd week of November. We all know that it sounds crazy and way too soon for this frozen land to start, it's cold season, we can't really do anything but to make sure we have the right insurance for us. We  can't tell about how good or bad Mother Nature could be for all of us this year. It's better to be prepared than sorry or lost in the end.

Are you sure you have the best insurance with you in case you need it? If not, and would like to check out alternative options why not get a good rate from this website. Be educated about  what we are facing and will get in the future is something we've always wanted to secure. What are you waiting for? Visit them now and see if they are good for you. 

Nov 18, 2014

My BOOGIE Wipes experience, review and giveaway

It is nice to know that I have a great opportunity to try different products in the market. This is an awesome way to see and prove which one is really good and practical to use when it comes to my family and saving. I only heard and seen Boogie wipes on websites and never tried it before, glad never hesitated to contact them for a product sample in order to share my opinion. 
The product sample came in the mail and I was very ecstatic to see their wonderful packaging. The wipes came in with different scents, such as great grape, fresh and simply unscented, 10 wipes samples as well as 1 wipe samples with 50 cents off.

Since I will be due sooner or later, the extra soft boogie wipes do come handy. They are in smaller packs which I love as it won't be too bulky in our bags. I love the scent not too strong and yes, when they said it is soft it is indeed soft. Using the Boogie mist for my son has recently been such a great help, cold weather makes his nose stuffy, lately and this kind of wipes to help a lot. And also a perfect timing to use as my husband had a stuffy nose as well. Very easy and he said it smells good, not strong and do helps him feel better as well as too handy due to is packed.

I have to admit that this experience is great, I would definitely try boogie products more now and will recommend this to families who wish to experience a great one like mine.

Now is your lucky chance to acquire the product. I will be hosting a giveaway sponsored by Boogie. 1 lucky winner from my readers/followers will be getting a (1) 3 Oz can of Boogie Mist and (2) packs of 10-count wipes (fresh and grape). All you have to do is to join and must be 18+ years old, US and Canada residents only.

If you want to see more about Boogie Wipes products, please visit their website and don't forget to follow their social media to learn more exclusive offers.

A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the Boogie wipe samples for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 

Nov 17, 2014

Our Pre-K student ready for school?

This was during before the school years of 2014-2015 starts. Our little one has finally reached to the point where he needs to go to school - in a Pre-K. This is also our first time to prepare all school needs for our little one.

Glad it wasn't bad for a started on bringing all the needs for the whole school year. I have to take this with me to the school in order to give this to his teacher. 

What about your little ones? Did they bring more or less this time of the year in school?

Nov 14, 2014

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review #ThinkFun

My husband loves a type of game that includes Brain and thinking games. He has found it very stress relieving as well as unique from the usual games recently. He likes something that would challenge his mind and thinking. Whenever my husband plays new game, we do share it with our little one, so we can share a new game to play with him, and he shows interest whenever we do show him an innovative game. Young children do have a remarkable mind, they gain knowledge easily as well as to facilitate them build that brain challenge in an early age. 

I'm happy to share about the Knot so Fast Knot tying dexterity Game with my husband, I knew he would love this game more than I do. Like I stated this is the form of the game he loves for his past time.

Knot so Fast has 40 challenges for a single player with 4 progressive levels of play. This kind of game from Thinkfun assist my mind young and sharp due to the different ways it focuses. The game is very simple, you can pick a challenge, and there is a tie to knot copy in the small book. It will show a picture and all you need to do is to match the  challenge, if you did, then you'll win. There are difficult and easy challenges where you can introduce them to your kids. Start from simple and then go all the way to the more challenging one. At first, it seems so hard to play, but when I focused my mind on it, I kid you not, the mind is indeed relaxing.

This would be a great gift for someone who loves brain games. It helps reduce stress, sharpens your focus, strengthens memory and definitely speeds up thinking. The results might not see right away, but you'll positively notice it.

Liked the product? Please visit ThinkFun and check out not just this Brain fitness game on the website, but more Brain fitness they can offer you.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Nov 13, 2014

Getting ready for winter season

Now that my son goes to school, I must provide him a new pair of boots to keep his tiny feet from freezing. Although he stays for only 2 hours each day in class, each time we walk towards the end of the street to wait for his bus is what's concerning me.

We got him a nice waterproof boots 2 years ago, however the kids' feet never stops growing just like them. They outgrown new clothes, things you've just recently purchased and this is what happened to our 4-years-old.

Got him a new pair of waterproof insulated boots for winter, so he'll enjoy outside with snows without getting a freezing cold feet. I know, cause for some reason I've always experienced that to every boot I purchase no matter it is.

It was one of those days at one my favorite website online where they have a big sale for boots, a perfect timing for me to get our son one. I got this amazing Kamik Boots for as low as $10.00 I think.

Glad I got one, now my son does have a happy feet now that winter is here. What does he need next? Definitely a snow suit, so he'll enjoy sledding outside with his Papa when we have enough snow to do it. 

Nov 8, 2014

Diaper Clothing will I survive?

On this second pregnancy, I would definitely try the Cloth Diaper as I have tried this before helping my SIL with my niece and nephews. Back in the Philippines, we don't have the cover that would help the leak tuck-inside the liner, that's why it is quite messy. You can't tell when and where the baby would go, so a nice diaper cover is needed.

I think I'm brave enough to try this time around, as a full-time mother, I'll be managing my little one 24/7, so hopefully this experiment will be a success. Maybe frustrations because of a carpeted area upstairs but other than that, I'm sure things will be okay.

I have found this unisex Diaper Covers online and for each cost quite decent. Like I mentioned never tried this one before, and we shall see how things work out.

Nov 4, 2014

Children's ebooks I downloaded for my 4-years-old #review #childrenbookreview

Okay, I am totally overwhelmed to receive an e-books from a nice collection of a company named Children's Ebook through Amazon. Since my 4-year-old can now read by himself with my supervision, I believe that it's also a great way for him to enhance that reading is one great way to know so many things about the world. And starts widening his imagination even more. Thanks to modern technology, I don't need to buy and carry all those heavy books [which I still would like to do once in a while] just for him to read good stories at home. 

I received the following ebooks, products for a complimentary testing purposes that can be downloaded through

·        I do find this book very interesting for girls. It is a short story book well for little girls who likes to dress up and make them feel like a princess. I do find the story interesting and plus it has pictures on it that shows what's it all about.

·        I like the idea of the other way around characters. It was like the human was under the bed instead. Makes sense in order for kids not to be afraid at night and gets paranoid about the story. We all know that kids have a huge imagination, the story is also short and it is indeed not frightening. Pleased as they have this to make kids feel better at night while sleeping.

·        This book is also a short story, based on siblings about how they called Saturday their fun and snow day. Indeed, because no school and they can play with snow all day wearing the right gear. I like the scheme of how siblings should get along and how older siblings takes care or watch for their younger siblings every time they have fun. I would utter the pictures that comes with the story is also a great technique to see and aid kid's imagination.

I have to admit, the short story ebooks I received are worth to pay. You can keep and download it straight to your Kindle devices or Kindle apps and your kids can read them anytime and anywhere. Save you time and also gives joy to your kids, knowing that they are reading and learning with the values these books has.

The author published 10 ebooks with Amazon, which you can find them HERE.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Oct 25, 2014

Ways to organized books in your kids bedroom

I have found this great way to organize your kid's bedroom and their books in it. Of course, my favorite website had offered me this great idea where you'll be able to get motivated to apply this towards your kid's bedroom. Save them more space and gives them more space where they read their favorite books.

I do find this arrangement very sophisticated for everyone's eyes. You and your kids would love to hang out and stays more in their bedrooms.

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