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Sep 27, 2016

Don't miss out Ibanez s470

I like the color of this nice ibanez s470 that I came across online while searching for a guitar.

Not that I am planning on getting one in the future, but while reading about how cool this guitar looks like, I was thinking that it might be a good gift to someone you know who might love guitars.

This one piece is just what you may want to get or recommend to those who are looking for. So, just check the website first and you will see what exactly I mean.

Sep 20, 2016

FREE + Moneymake BIC Wipe Out Correction

Another FREE item that I purchase from Walmart that is a money maker and FREE of charge plus tax. This deal was supposed to be earlier this month before the school started and when everyone is busy buying their school supplies.

I have a BIC Stationary Coupon for $1/1 that can be used towards any BIC product. One thing that I saw in the School supply section was this BIC Wipe Out Correction. Because my 21 months old destroyed the once I have, it was a perfect timing that I found a nice coupon for an item that I truly needed.

I used this item once in a while so it was not in a hurry to get one. I guess, good things happen to those who waits.  Below is the break down:

BIC Wipe Out Correction $0.98
Use [1] $1/1 Bic Stationary Product [It was from an August insert]

Price: FREE + $0.02 Money Maker

Sep 14, 2016

Ovation Guitars for Sale

Loving to have a nice and inexpensive Acoustic-Electric Guitar? I know exactly the right place for you to browse. Recently, while surfing online, I came across to a musical website where they have a great deal and has many ovation guitars for sale online.

You are pre-order an instrument or guitar that you want. I’m eyeing on this nice red acoustic guitar to get. My kids has their own guitar it’s electric, I wish to have an adult acoustic kind guitar that way, we all found don’t need to share an instrument if we want to use them. 

Sep 3, 2016

Hurry!!! FREE Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash, 6.78 oz

 Hurry!!! You might still have sometime to enjoy this FREE Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash, I purchased this product at Walmart with the $2 coupon along with it. How can I get it free? Through rebate, you will have to fill-out a form and mailed it in and usually takes 6-8 weeks before you get your rebate back. 

Enjoy to have a smoother skin, plus knowing this will be free is just amazing.!!!

Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash, 6.78 oz - $6.97 [2]

$1/1 Clearasil Ultra printable
$2 off – any Clearasil product plus rebate

Final Price: $5.97 – FREE

Aug 26, 2016

Hurry!!! You still have time FREE 8x10 Photo Print Walgreens

Last Day!!! August 26 offer to get your FREE 8x10 Photo Print at your Walgreen Pharmacy!

If  you don’t have an account. It’s best to create and register. They’re always giving out FREE 8x10 Photo Print. That would save you at least $3.99 per 8x10 photo print.

·        Create an 8x10 Photo Print
·        Use promo code FREESTUFF at checkout
·        Choose FREE in-store pickup

Final Price: FREE

Hurry!!! I just got my print for FREE.


Aug 9, 2016

Free BIC Pencils – Don’t miss this back to school supply

Don’t forget to grab this Back to School FREEBIE until 8/13 at Dollar General – Bic X-tra Fun Pencils! They are on sale for just $1.00 and we have a manufacturer coupon to make them COMPLETELY FREE!

Dollar General Through 8/13:

Bic, X-Tra Fun Pencils, 6 ct $1.00
– $1/1 BIC Xtra-Fun Pencil product, 8/7 SS, exp. 09/17/2016

Final Price: FREE!

Aug 1, 2016

Find the best deal of beddings for my son’s bedroom at Groupon #Groupon #ad

I’ve always liked to have at least more than 8 pairs of different bedding theme for our son’s bedroom. I like to make them feel comfortable while sleeping in their beds with their favorite colors or cartoon character sheets.

As a mother, it makes me feel happy seeing how pleased their children’s faces are seeing their favorite bedding while resting in their beds.  And that is one of the feeling I will never exchange for anything. It is priceless, we all know how important sleeping and being relaxed for our children. They will rest on their beds with their like covers comfortably. 
Photo not mine
However, getting these specific beddings are getting too pricey in stores too. It took me months to finally be able to find the cheapest possible online as well, I have to compare and visit different stores and yes, compare prices to make sure that I get the best deal. I didn’t know that Groupon Goods does exist during those times.  Visiting too many websites is usually time consuming, its like you are driving from one store to the other, right?

Well, glad that Groupon do exist now, and they have plenty of variety online. Not just for household products, but you can also get pretty much anything, whether if it’s gadgets or for a travel plans.

Groupon just have some of the things that I needed, in a discounted price – way cheaper. I can find the best and cheapest yet the same quality kind of beddings for my children. Whether if it’s plain color, with designs and even those with cartoon characters.

One place to visit online and I am resolved with what I’m looking for. Now, where to find the best deal of beddings for my son’s bedroom? Definitely at Groupon.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Jul 29, 2016

Kids Snacks I paid only $5 for a 50 piece of Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack #coupon

I am quite lucky to find this deal in one of the FB group that I am active with. At first, I did not believe that for the price itself, I can actually purchase this mix pack for 50 pieces for only $5.00.

Actually, this only cost $10.00 because it was the deal of the day. I have a $5 gift card on Amazon and that applies in the cart and so I ended up paying only $5.00 the other half in my card. It is still a great deal. The retail price for this around $15-25.00.

I’m happy that I found that deal in which a great way for us to have some junk foods at home in a small pack and in a different variety.

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