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Aug 24, 2020

Homeschooling or Remote Learning due to Covid-19

 I’ve always wanted to homeschool my boys; I have heard so many pros and cons about homeschooling too. Even if I wanted too, my husband does not approve of me and homeschooling.

But things changed and 2-3 months ago when a Pandemic happened. Schools closed, establishment shut down and more…

And homeschooling is required in order to pursue our boy's education. And there were my wishes came true. Not the ways I wanted it to happen, but things happened for a reason.

Excuse the snarl hairdo... 😂

No one will care about the way you look at home.. LOL

I have heard from some parents that they would prefer to send their kids to school, they were having some trouble of their kids not listening to them, and also, its different with somebody else teach their kids rather than them as their kids don’t listen at all.

For my views, it’s different, I have taught my boys to write, read, and do basic school learning since the day they know what’s going on. At first, it is very hard and frustrating. Challenges you in every possible portion, yet in the end, it comes VERY much Handy. There is a lot different when parents and teachers teach kids. For teachers, went to a school and get a degree on how to do it, but parent’s teachings should always be an instinct. 

They have their own station during the remote learning...

This was taken months ago when both started to be homeschooled. Comment from the UPK one is that “he loves to be homeschooled, he does not need to wake up too early and can learn even when he is in his play clothes”. There is no comment from my oldest about remote learning and it seems he enjoys being at home while learning.

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