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Nov 28, 2018

Third Grader School Year 2018-2019

Kids nowadays do grow up too fast. The next thing you knew, they are in Middle School, but not our Kuya K. Well he still suddenly sprouts especially after when we got back from our 2 months vacation to the Philippines. He didn’t come with us this year, since come home later of September and I don’t want him to miss his first day of 3rd Grade.

However, I did miss it though, so I asked my niece to take a picture of him when she walks him towards the bus stop, which is by the road. Of course, he is not a big fan of smiling in the camera, the turd didn’t at all.

Even though I wasn’t there, the mixtures of emotions again happened. I guess, I will never get over this feeling at all. And so he is off to the bus and went to school. Later on that day, I asked him how the first day was, and of course the usual answer was “It is Okay.”

Yay!! To the first day and hope for the next months to come.

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