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Apr 9, 2018

Sunday Class 2018, 2nd Grade

Lately this year, our 8 years old started his Sunday school since the beginning of the school year. Because, we don’t have Religion subject in their school, and as a Roman Catholic, it is my duty to introduce my children into my Religion. Some people might think about why not giving them a chance to pick the Religion they wanted when they grow up? What if they are not happy of the Religion they have now? My answer will be REALLY???!!!!..... REALLY!!!! LOL…

Anyways, I do ignore those questions from other people who don’t know my devotion.

We have our own ways to send and brought our children on earth. And this is our way to introduced them who God is, and how important He is in our lives.

I have to send our son to a 9 o’clock Sunday School in our Parish and then we proceed to attend the Holy Eucharist afterwards. Whenever they don’t have Sunday Class, I skipped the Mass, however I do listened to the online Eucharist which is from a different state, it is live and from a Notre Dame Parish.

They baked bread during the class; I would assume it has to do with the upcoming Lent. Our sons always bring some papers after the class and it’s a great way to him to re-read the information at home.

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