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Mar 7, 2018

Lunch at Jollibee inside the Terminal

It wasn’t the first time my children dine-in at the famous Filipino fast food named Jollibee. Actually, I am not sure how many times they have dine-in at the fast food. For sure both had their first meal at New York City and it was already being scrapbook for keep sake.

However, we need to have our lunch at the Terminal before taking off. For we will be landed at General Santos City Airport pass lunch time, and we don’t want to travel kids with a hungry stomach. Of course, there is no doubt in my mind to take the travelers with me at Jollibee.

As expected, the place is packed. Good thing there were stall outside of other fast food chain in the Terminal. We got the chance to sit in but we have to make sure we take order from them too. In order to prevent the hassle we did. My Mama and Papa did order their lunch in that food stall so we will have somewhere to sit. It was a very filling lunch for everyone else.

Before we left, I asked my boys to stand right next to the Jollibee Statue for a quick souvenir. However, there is this one little kid who is also a big fan of the said Mascot and would never leave the place. He is also adorable, but that didn’t stop me from taking a photo of my boys. I don’t want to miss something that I can show them in the future.

After a quick break and strolling, we proceeded to our gate number to get prepared for our final destination bound to Gensan. I find it very nice although, I feel bad for myself as when I picked my parent’s seats, I didn’t know that I can put them into the front seat so my Mother don’t need to walk that far. But she managed to make it, she was fine, I think just exhausted and all.

Also, that day was the big fight of the Philippines Champ Boxer, Manny Paquiao. We didn’t really watch the whole fight, but thanks to the free WiFi in NAIA 3, we did watch a posted live video on Facebook, in which gives us something to do while boarding time started.

I better start digging all the pictures I have during our 2017 Philippines Vacation. That way, I have other things to show here as well.

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