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Nov 16, 2017

Pumpkin Carving 2017 what did we carve?

I’ve got to blog about our 2017 Pumpkin Carving with the family and plus we have an additional member of the family circle. No! I am not pregnant again. The newest member because my niece is with us this year and it is her very first time to carve pumpkins. You see, we don’t do this in the Philippines, we don’t have this much big pumpkins or not that I am aware of. So, this year is an extra special for working on it.

The place where we used to buy our pumpkins doesn’t have much grown this year. They said they have a bad/slow year for good pumpkins and so, they have limited good ones for sale. 
Getting ready... opening and gutting their pumpkins

Niece tracing her pattern

Messy table...

We ended up buying to the local store, and not sure where exactly it is originated. Still, we heard that one of our local farmer’s still has some good pumpkins left. And we drove our way to the place to get the rest of the 2 pumpkins. We have 4 this year.

Looking for the prototype isn’t hard nothing like before. All I did is to seek out online for the ones I sought and so was the rest of the family. We selected JACK from the Nightmare before Christmas, OWL’s Head for my 7 years old [thankful he finally joined to carve the pumpkin this year]. I’ve got the GRAVEYARD one and since my pumpkin isn’t too big, it was very hard to carve those tiny and thin parts. I managed it and come up with somewhat pretty close.
All carved pumpkins ready for display
My husband picked his own outline as he was busy fixing our Water Heater Tank as it was leaking in, which is another story that I would like to share next time. He has multiple patterns, nevertheless end up with a MAD PUMPKIN feature. Not sure specifically, yet it turned out to be pretty awesome.
Left to Right.... Son and Niece [Owl's Face, Jack from Nightmare before Christmas Movie]

Left to Right.... Husband, Mine [Monster Face, Graveyard]

We never forget to save the seeds of course, and since we have big pumpkins, there are more seeds as well. We baked and seasoned it, then munched it as a snack. This year, the husband didn’t cook it well and so we still have more sitting on our table, wondering when will it be eaten.

Moreover, we have put our pumpkins outside the house for decorations, lit the candle we have inside and it looked even better.

What about you? What did you carve this year? How fun was your pumpkin carving with your family?

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