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Jun 7, 2017

Caleve's First Train Ride and it was in New York City

He always like trucks, vehicles and trains and never thought that sooner he will be able to ride in one. This happened when my son and I visited New York City to do some important errands. Of course, my good family friend has a car that picked us up from the airport. Because her youngest  was sick and we need to go back to the Philippine Consulate, and went to her first  born’s graduation ceremony. We took a train instead the next day, also I like it that way because this is a great way to actually be one of the locals and enjoy the busy place that I have never encountered in my laid back county, in which I am not looking forward to live in, lol.

Going in and out isn’t a hassle, but if you do have a toddler and a stroller climbing up and down is a workout. A good way for pretty Charmaine and I to help along with the lifting.

We did not get any seat right away, my son was bored sitting in his stroller and in the middle of the aisle. It was nearly 2 more stops before we could be seated. Of course, there were two American Man who could’ve removed their belonging on the seat and make a room for us, but NO!!!! THERE ARE NO LONGER GENTLEMEN left.. Well, except for my husband. To pissed them both off since we stand right next to them, I let my son cry, lol. But nothing!!! These men do have a heart of a rock!!! I promised myself that my boys will never be like these people.

Moving on, after we were seated my son finally stopped crying. Because he can finally the view outside and of course, I’m holding him. It’s too scary to be with all these unknown faces in a crowded place.

He loved the views and he can see those houses, buildings, some trees and when it stopped he sees more unfamiliar faces. Then when the train runs, he likes it because it  doesn’t make that much noise inside.

I thought, to get a photo of him while he enjoys the scenery and I’m glad I did, someday he will be able to sees all of this when he is old.

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