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May 23, 2017

OFF to Dental Appointment

The kids dental appointment was last month, but for some reason that I have never seen my son’s gum on the side of his right cheek were being bitten by himself while sleeping. Even he doesn’t know what’s going on and I feel terrified, and embarrassed because it feels like I don’t know anything what’s going on with my son. That’s one thing that I missed because I don’t see that part often at all.

Because of that, his Dentist mentioned something about sealing. I was pretty much occupied with my 2 year old son that I was confused on the sealing she mentioned. Today, I’ll definitely ask her more information about what does she need to seal?

Though, it will take at least 80 minutes drive back and forth, I’ll have to take this opportunity to take the kids myself for a quick road trip. I do not like driving that far, but what can I do? Daddy is working and I’m in-charge of all these errands.

Got at the Dental office earlier than our time and we were done quickly. She made a filing on 4 molars. The same thing, he doesn’t seem to have a cavity that much, but of course just the molars. In like a few minutes, we headed back home and I ran into some couponing errands and went to the Mall for my Victoria secret exchange item in which it turned out to be a pretty nice day. Instead of getting only 1 bra, because the online did pretty complicated thing, they credited me with $20 and got my bralette not one but two as well as got all my free panties too. 

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