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Apr 13, 2017

Spring Break is ON…

After weeks of the last Winter Break now comes the Spring Break and I am loving it. It is not that I don’t like getting up, helping our 1st Grader get ready for school, in which I should enjoy (you might think I’m crazy, however this will never last) soon enough they are old not to rely on us and be more independent.

I also need some time to sleep in, having a rambunctious two year old is a blessing yet sometimes drains me out. For now, I am his world and I love it, in which I’d like to take advantage, but sometimes I just need rest as I cannot do anything on my own without him being too attached.

I am thankful that Spring Break is here and we all get to sleep in, well, except our Dada who has to work to support us [we truly appreciate his hard work for us].

Now, we can either go outside and wander or stay inside longer in our pajamas and just watch movies, play or just being what we normally do.

As for me, I get more time to finish all the sidelines, I’m doing online and offline. I can share good deals when it comes in finding a nice fbv. I might be able to share good deals for your little ones.

What about you? What do you usually do during your student’s breaks? 

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