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Dec 5, 2016

Trip to PumpkinVille Great Valley, New York 2016

Yes!!! We are back into this place to check out what are the new things they added in their place and what would be a nice thing for our kids to do while we stroll and enjoy. Also, this is the very first time that our 22 old month  and Troy will be actually in the place.

We wanted him to experience this celebration that this place created for adults and kids and because Halloween is fast approaching this is one of a good place to find the perfect dimension and weight of your desire pumpkin.

Though we did not purchase a pumpkin there, [as my husband would prefer to buy from our local farmer to support them, in which it makes sense] we did enjoy watching how they make an apple cider.

We’ve seen it before, but then again, Troy and our 22 months old haven’t been and seen [though I’m sure he won’t remember it yet] how they make it.

I totally forgot the exact date of the trip, but it was definitely second week of October of 2016. Everyone is ready for the trip, a perfect week to witness the awesome colorful mountains and to enjoy the beautiful scenic view.  We didn’t take the back road as it’s been two years since our last visit.

Got there just the right time we wanted to be there, the weather is okay and cold, windy and sometimes cloudy. But it’s beautiful, of course we have a leisurely walk around and see what good they have this year.

We did the maze and indeed quite exciting in, which takes most of our time while there. Good thing we did it because it teams us up with the kids and our 6 years old is indeed enthusiastic about it.

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