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Dec 1, 2016

They give a FREE Lighting Estimate

While driving back and forth from home to the store, I have noticed the lighting from different houses in the new route that I have seen.

Passing by these houses makes me think where do they purchase their lights from? I know we have a local store here where they provide any kinds of lighting for home and I’m not sure if these people did actually buy it there or online.

We all know that we can do shop online now, it’s more convenient and fast. Searching for a good variety of lighting if you can’t find a decent one in your local store? That’s not a problem anymore, a quick browse at would make things better and faster too.

Good luck, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for, by the way I also saw a sale 15 Pack of F40 T12 CW Supreme ALTO 423889 for only $75.00. They also do a FREE Estimate in case you are planning of changing or updating your lighting at home. 

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