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Dec 5, 2016

A Happy 2nd Birthday To Caleve

It started to be one of those ordinary routine weekly checkup, I have before my due date  arrived that it turned out to be the date everyone didn’t expect. December 4th of 2014 was our second son’s birth date.

I was driving myself confidently to my OB to see my baby’s status, then the nurse did actually notice that I am 2CM, in fact, asked me if I felt sharp pains, and worried worried especially when the result of my ultrasound came back. Low fluid and needs for the baby to be out, I spent from a normally 15 minutes to an hour health check in that place.

Then I was advised to head to the Maternity Delivery ER that same time, they check me in and all I need to do is to admit. Obviously, I’m in labor that I didn’t even notice I was. I felt tightness thinking it might be one of those Braxton Hicks, yet I was wrong.

Good thing, I have gotten ready for the big event before this day comes and when the nurse called my OB? They never let me drive and wanted me to go to the Maternity Delivery ER that time.

I phone my husband and told him to pick me up at the clinic to check me into the Maternity Delivery Room. I wasn’t scared however, I was thrilled that we can finally see our little boy earlier than the expected date. From there, told everyone about the exciting news and you know what happened next.

Our little Chance Caleve turned 2 today and yesterday we celebrated it with our family and friends who are dear to us gather near to us at this event such as a birth date celebration.

To our little rambunctious, handsome, adventurous, and smart, Happy Happy Birthday to you our boy. Mama, Dada and Kuya K love you very much.

Another talented child we have, I could introduce him to musical instruments and be known about multicomp.

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