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Nov 20, 2016

The First Snow for Fall-Winter of 2016

Still five weeks to go before Winter begins, however the cold weather isn’t stopping. As mark today, November 20th of 2016 is the first heavy snow we have for the upcoming cold days.

The weather forecast has been warning us about the dropping of temperature and approximately inches of snow on the weekend.

As much as I would like to throw all the dry leaves in our yard before this happened, I guess, I have to stop until it will be warmer and dryer outside to continue with the leaves.

But as for now, I guess we have to accept the fact that snows here and all we have to do is to enjoy and embrace it.

This would be a great opportunity for kids to enjoy snows again outside. Play snowballs, sledding and so much more. As long as the temperature isn’t too cold, we will definitely spend and play outside, now that my youngest is big enough. 

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