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Nov 4, 2016

Fun And Exercise On A Trampoline

Many children like to play outside, whether it's riding a bike or swinging on a swing set. Another fun way for children to play in the fresh air and get exercise at the same time is with a springless trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline offers several benefits for the mind and body for children. While children are jumping, they will likely want to try new tricks and movements. Some tricks are hard to do at first, but they will soon get it if they practice. This helps to teach children persistence and that if they don't give up, they can achieve what they want. 
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When children are able to master a new skill on the trampoline, it can help improve the self-confidence. Jumping high in the air also improves the overall confidence as it takes some courage to be able to jump high in the air without being afraid of falling onto the ground. The trampoline can also help in teaching control over the muscles and other areas of the body. This can transfer over to other sports, such as cheerleading, football and basketball. Children can improve their coordination, which also helps with other sports and with playing in general.

Sometimes, children don't seem to want to go outside, so they sit in one place for most of the day. This can make the muscles cramped. While jumping on the trampoline, the muscles are stretched in a way that they aren't moving when the child is sitting for long periods at a time. Jumping also works both sides of the brain as children have to maintain balance while jumping as well as think about the movements that are taking place.

Jumping on a trampoline will help to improve the overall cardio of children. They can have fun while exercising, and many children don't realize that they are exercising while they are playing. This leads to better heart health and a healthier immune system as the lungs deliver more blood and oxygen to parts of the body and fresh air is taken into the body instead of children being confined to a small space in the home.

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