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Oct 20, 2016

Our First Grader

I know it’s been 7 weeks now since the school year 2016-2017 has been started and like most of the proud mommies out there. I should also post this information and picture to share since the first day of the school year to show off my son’s first day at school as a 1st Grader.

It seems like how time flies so fast that once our first born just started to take his first steps and starts to run, learns how to talk and even read in advance. Now, he is one of those 1st Grader at Robert H. Jackson Elementary School.

For some reason, I was slacking, lost in track with all the hobbies that I lately been doing. [There will be another story for that]. I’ll start sharing how did the first day of school goes.

Of course, since he was too excited that he will have more than just 1 friend [my goddaughter] who gets on the bus at the same time with him and our neighbor, today is the day he will be able to see his friends at school.

It was fine, he woke up early the preparation even eating his breakfast was quick and we never had any problems or arguments in that morning at all. It was fun and just like that.

It’s time for them to go to the bus and everyone seems very happy and excited. Us [parents] were a little bit lonely because even though it’s been years now that they went to school, I still had to felt the separation anxiety. 

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