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Jul 6, 2016

Gala days in Frewsburg, NY 2016

It was Friday night  after dinner when the family decided to head to Fairground closer to our place. We have our Gala Days which started last June 15- 18 of this year. I remember this is held during the month of August and even on the town’s website it is what their schedule is. But, because I am not active in meetings in town, I have no idea about the changes.

We walked towards the fairground, which only takes us 5-10 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. There were many parked cars from the road and some other parking area, good thing we didn’t drive there. 

As my husband and I expected, there were few rides. Some were there last year like the ferries wheel, some kiddie rides, the bouncy, and more.

There were also games such as fishing, shooting the ball, dark for the small balloons and more.

They also have vendors who are selling goodies. But too bad, they were getting expensive this year. It seems like they are increasing each year.

It took us only at least 10 minutes to walk all the place. Of course, we stop once in a while just to check into something and finally when we the whole place. We decided to take the kids for a ride. Kuya wants to ride the ferries wheel and climb into that fire truck. They also rode on the Carousel.

Being a Mamarazzi, I need to freeze this moment and took photos as much as I can. Baby C and I also rode the Safari Train and he seems to like it.

Then when it gets late, we bought a Funnel and an Elephant ear and then Slushy and walked back home.

2 freaking comments:

It looks like a cool place to take the kids to especially during the summer! I'm glad you all had fun!

What a fun family day! It's always a treat to find exciting places to bring our kids to.

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