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Jun 21, 2016

Fun Fair Day 2016 – My son’s Kindergarten moments

Today [June 20, 2016] also the First Day of Summer is my son’s Fun Fair Day at school. I would imagine and assume based from my son’s former Pre-K Teacher Mrs. Waterman, kids in school will have their fun way of enjoying Summer as well as to enjoy the activities there is in school.

We opt out to get him his T-shirt for this year, because he never gets him the chance to wear the once we bought for him last year because it is way too big. Besides, he only likes Green color so it would be a redundant if we will get him the same color this year except for the printing and the year.

I have never gotten the chance to take a picture of my son with his Mohawk hair this morning, but I am thankful for our neighbor, as she went back inside her place and took a picture of the two. Why two?? Because my son and her granddaughter are in the same class. 

They are in the same class since Pre-K that’s why they are good friends. I only hope she won’t have to change schools, however things has changed.

So, for their keepsake here is their Fun Fair Day 2016 picture while waiting for the bus on their school shirts.

2 freaking comments:

They look adorable, your son looks good in that mohawk! I'm sure it was a fun day at school. Fairs are always so exciting especially for the kids.

What a nice keepsake! My kids are all grown up and I still find it very heartwarming to look at pictures of them when they were little. Your son is so adorable in that mohawk hair do!

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