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Apr 12, 2016

The Reason Why I like these Cute Neutral Color Baby Bandana Bibs (4-Pack) #Review

It’s so nice that now we have so many new things for our kids’ use in this modern days. It gives the parents so many options to choose what they desire.

Today, I will share you my experiences about why I adore this cute neutral color Baby Bandana, a set of 4. Comes in different designs and colors too. 

The texture of the fabric is smooth and soft. At first it feels rough but after I washed the bandana’s I have noticed that the fabric becomes soft.

Sewn properly, in which I have not seen any off threads. There are 2 metal snaps that I like because I can adjust it into my son’s comfortably. It looks cute and fashionable as well as a helpful bib. Although my son never drools a lot, I let him wear it whenever we go to a restaurant and use it as a bib.

Wide enough to cover his entire chest and to help food from spilling into his shirt. The colors are vivid as well as those unique prints too.

For the price of: Price: $12.95
You Save:       $15.00 (54%) and this product can be purchased at Amazon.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product for FREE  in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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I like that it's not bulky like the other bibs, so it's easier to fit in your baby bag. You're right, the fabric looks really soft, perfect for a baby's sensitive skin.

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