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Apr 15, 2016

Shopping at Joann with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I always love crafting since I was little. I did not create or make my own crafty work due to a lack of gadgets, as well as the limited items the store in my  hometown can offer. I love to paint, but I don’t have the right materials to use. I draw yet, I don’t have the proper tools to exercise. And so, that has stopped me from pursuing what I love to do and then later in life my hobbies changes.

My sister loves to cross stitch, she inspired me to do the same thing. But as the time goes on, I was looking for some challenging pattern to cross stitch. We have a few nice patterns and all the threads are available, sometimes the store got run out of it and so I have to wait until they restock.

My hobby changes as time goes by. I become obsessed with knitting the minute I started to learn and made my own dish cloth. I’d like to acquire more needles and different yarn, and so the best way to have what I want is to shop online aside from going to the store.

Groupon Coupons have coupons for my favorite craft store Joann. It helps me save money by the coupons they provide online, it is great because it is available to use online or in-store. It is also 100% free coupons and that’s where mostly I check whenever I have stuff to buy at Joann Fabrics.

A great way to feed my hobbies is to make sure that I buy something that is discounted whether online or in-store. 

4 freaking comments:

Groupon is awesome and it's definitely perfect for people who love to shop but also want to save. They offer so many awesome deals!

i love online shopping ...and yeas coupons for me to save, i really like it :)

I'm really curious about this groupons. Never tried it kasi But indeed, getting your hobbies' needs at a discounted price is fun

It's always a delight to buy the stuff we love at discounted prices. I've never tried Groupon coupons yet.

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