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Mar 24, 2016

Can I still breastfeed while I have the stomach flu?

This is the exact questions I have in mind the night I was hit with a stomach flu. I have a 15 month old who is still nursing and I have reasons for to wean him later because I'd like him to enjoy the benefits of breast milk, in which I never did with our first born.

Before I was confident about what I have found out online, I was very worried that my son will be contaminated with the stomach flu that I have, in which I already have seen one symptom and that's him having a liquid stool.
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I'm thankful that he doesn't have any signs of vomiting and we can leave all that in just a diarrhea. No signs of discomfort, he acts normal as usual. However, if your child shows discomfort, vomits more than you think they shouldn't, and goes more than 10 liquid stools in 1 day and is not drinking. Please call your doctor right away. They need to be hydrated, due to the loss of liquid that comes out.

So, I researched if nursing my 15 month old would be a great idea even if I have a stomach flu or known as "gastroenteritis". According to what I have found out online, in so many websites and they have only one answer to the worried question I have in mind. And the answer to my question is YES. It is SAFE to breastfeed your child, even if you have a stomach flu.

The benefits of breastfeeding and the breast milk to our child is one great way of helping their immunity to the sickness.

Because before you know that we are sick, our body is producing antibodies to fight those unwanted viruses in our system. Meaning while our body is producing antibodies, we have already distributed some of them to our child through breastfeeding. Therefore, not only can you breastfeed even if you are sick, it’s the best thing you can do for your baby has already been exposed to your illness before you even show symptoms in most cases.

Now, every time that I get sick and I'm still breastfeeding my child up to now. I have one amazing way of sharing my immunity to him through breast milk.

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I've always wondered about this too, it's nice to know that you can safely breastfeed when you're feeling ill. I love the fact that you are making them more immune if you do.

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