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Jan 27, 2016

Muslin Swaddle Blanket - 3 Pack, Unisex - Ziggy Baby 48 x 48 Large Muslin Blanket for Boys & Girls in Chevron, Cross & Arrow Patterns - 100% Muslin Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap - Best Baby Shower Gift (Baby Product) #savvybaby #Review

Having a baby is such a blessing, it's not everyone who wish and plan to grow their family would have the same blessings as I am.  And when that happens, don't give up, have faith and hope for the things you are doing, since there are reasons behind that we might not understand for now, but in later time.

That's why, when God gave you a precious gift, take good care of them. They are very precious and unique and fragile. Our children are meant for us, so we have to take good care of them.

Other than taking care of our children, we always find what's best for them. From the clothing, to the food they take as well as the things we use for them.

Make sure that they are comfortable, and well pampered, especially at night when we are asleep. We can't tell whenever our babies are comfortable on their sleep. And so, we swaddle them to be safe and comfy.

Today, I have the opportunity to review this wonderful Swaddle Blanket. The product arrived in the mail in a great condition. I see no signs of damage in the packaging box that I was very thrilled to open the box and examine the product. 
Packaging isn't bad at all...
It has 3 set in one pack, I find it a very good deal for the price itself.  I adore the different style/design of the blanket as well as the color white because I can see the dirt right away. Definitely a unisex kind, so if I'll have another baby in the future and it's to be either girl or another boy, I can still use the blanket for swaddle. 
Amazing designs..Isn't it? (photo from Amazon)
Wide enough to swaddle my gigantic son... hehehehe
Each blanket is wide enough that you can make a bigger triangle to fit and swaddle my baby comfortably. Oh the fabric is also amazing, very smooth and soft. My son likes it and also breathable. Can easily fold them and just love the fabric that it is made of.

Through this blanket, I'm convenient that I can use this just because it is long enough and that it's very soft as well as watching my son feels comfortable whenever I swaddle him is a relief.

I would recommend this item to those who are looking for a nice swaddle blanket, wants a longer blanket and more. A great gift for baby showers and welcoming parties.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

5 freaking comments:

Yeah right this blanket is too apt to give in a baby shower. It does not only warm the baby recipient but the Mom will surely delighted :-D

Aww. I can't remember the last time I used one of these! So nice, looks really soft to the touch too!

Looks like a very comfortable material. Your son is very ;s very lucky.

I'll definitely recommend this to wifey for our baby girl. Thanks for sharing!

Soft, comfy blankets are an infant's delight. Glad to hear you've received such a nice product for your little darling.

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