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Jan 11, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

This post is an overdue, due to my laziness, well lazy to update this blog because of so many things. Aside from my online sideline, which sometimes takes all of my time, I have a toddler who needs to be constantly be watched because he is all over.

This is the new year, I should be sharing/posting new post about new or updated post in this blog.

I know, I have excuses, but I have to make up this time. I'll ensure that right after this post, new articles will be flooding this blog.

But for now, I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and May it be a PROSPEROUS ONE!
photo not mine

4 freaking comments:

Happy New Year to you too. It's not so bad to be late on blog posts, we have a life after all! Have a good year!

It's ok , there's still the Chinese new year..kidding asside..hope to read more posts from you. Cheers!

I am focusing on removing links at my blogs lol. Lonks that are old. I am also updating a lot. Happy new year!

I know the feeling as I'm constantly trying to update my blogs in the midst of a very busy schedule

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