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Dec 8, 2015


Now that our son has his own guitar to play with the other accessory that we need to get for him that would perfectly go with his musical instrument is an amplifier. However, I have no knowledge or whatsoever about this item, yet to search online.

Glad to find a website where accessories such as amplifiers do exist. Not only one, but I have a variety of items to choose from. The MusiciansFriend bass amplifiers online store has a lot of amplifiers that might be a potential for the one we are looking for, for our son.

It has reviews from previous buyers, on which it would be easier for me to determine which one is better and which isn't. 

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When you play the guitar, whether it's acoustic or electric, an amp is always important. Thanks for sharing this information!

Before I purchase anything like amplifiers, I would love to consult an expert on it. I get so confused with all the specifications.

oh I'm sure your son would love to have his own amplifiers :)

I've learned this amplifiers when my male cousin plays his band in our neighborhood during their practice.

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