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Dec 3, 2015

12 Months, 1 Year past - Our Chance Caleve turn's 1

Oh Yes!!! Isn't it odd? Time flies so fast that you just woke one day and boom! 364 days have gone. It seems that I experienced during this day of last year is still very bright. For those who followed me would know exactly that I'm chatting about. However, I'd love to invigorate you with that remarkable moment.

Let me take you 1 year ago. It was December 04 of 2014 when I have to go to the Clinic, by myself, for my weekly prenatal. Morning seems to be so normal, I have to get ready because our 4 years old had an afternoon class. He was in Pre-K and the bus will pick him up around 12:45 PM. 
Only 1 week old...
I've always been on time whenever I have my appointments or even when it's my children. I'd like to be there so I can be seen early, knowing I need to go back home to pick up our son. And if there's any changes at least I have enough time as well. My appointment won't be until 2:00pm and yes, I'm all prepared before that time.

Moreover, I drove to my OB-Gyne's Clinic, did some examination, however, when the nurse checked me, (I can still photograph the look on her face) she was alarmed. Asked me if I was with anybody there, I said NO. Asked me again,  if I'm in pain or feels contractions, I said NONE. And the only thing I have answered her was that I feel so heavy....LOL

Before that, I knew I was 2 weeks away from my Due Date, so even though I know that I will be in labor anytime soon, I did not expect it that time.
The nurse was even more surprised and concern about what she found out. I was 5 CM, in which in medical pregnancy term I am pretty much in labor.

I did feel a Braxton hicks, which is very common when you are on your 3rd trimester. I was still calm in the clinic, the assistant nurse of my Awesome and pretty OB-Gyne sent me downstairs for a Sonogram to see what exactly my baby's status in. Through the ultrasound it can tell the fluid and the baby's status.  From a less than 15 minutes daily routine prenatal, it ends up to an hour and so in the clinic.

After the result, I was told that my fluid is only 5% which isn't good. I need to deliver the baby, or he will be in a big trouble. My feelings that time was overwhelming, cause finally the moment has arrived for us to see our newest member of the family, and also scared of what might things happened at the maternity ward.

I talked with my OB-Gyne after her assistant explained to me of the concepts of having natural birth due to my size and what would be the necessary things they need to do if the baby's shoulder get stuck. There were so many things going on in my head during that time. But, I was determined that I can do this.

I was given another option if things go wrong, and to have a Caesarean, methods are being explained to me. This is my second child, I would know exactly what to do. A mother's instinct kicks in, nevertheless, if the baby is distress the only option I would do is for the baby's health and have a C-section.

I was advised to go directly to the Maternity Ward of WCA, Jamestown, NY to check-in. I was not advised to drive myself alone, even though that hospital is just 5 minutes away from the clinic.

I called the husband to gear up, need to meet me at the Clinic and explained the changes. Went to the Maternity ward, where my awesome nurse was waiting for me, and makes sure I'm very comfortable and all.
5 minutes after my delivery...
After 5 hours later, on December 4th of 2014 at 10:31PM a healthy 7 lbs, 20 inches Baby Boy was born. It was a matter of  3-5 quick pushed, an epic start that will always be cherished. What's the best part? My Late Mother in Law was actually there to be witnessed my delivery, she was there on behalf of my mother who is 9 thousand miles away from me.

I am fortunate that my labor is short, I was even praised, that hopefully women who give birth will have a silent labor just like I did. I have never experienced such excruciating pain until such time that I was about to push. I'm thankful that things went the way I've always prayed to happen. I'm thankful that our second child, Chance Caleve, is healthy and hoping that it would always stay the same. Thankful that I am loved by the people that surround me.

To the awesome staff and my wonderful OB-Gyne I'm always grateful for everything, without their medical expertise and care it would never be easy for me.

Today, all those memories are being refreshed. We are celebrating our son's 1st year birth date. Now, where does the time go?

I am writing this, hopefully that one day, when I am gone and this post still lives on, our Son's would read and live through the day he was born. 

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Motherhood is the best gift we can experience in our lives. Happy Birthday to your bundle of joy!

Happy birthday to your son. May God bless him with good health!

Happy birthday to your son! There is no such pain comparable to that of childbirth, but to have that precious baby in your arms takes all the pain away.

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