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Nov 1, 2015

What are you going to be for #Halloween2015

That's what mostly the question we heard from friends and families. Especially, when you have your own kids, your family and relatives are extremely eager to know what would be their nephews or nieces would be. They'll dress up something too cute or something scary. Might be their favorite cartoon characters or something different.

I'd like to dress up my boys, they seem so adorable to see on those costumes during this time of the year. Because it's where everyone is dressing up for a traditional occasion that happens yearly. 
They are ready for a trick or treat fun!!!
Our eldest would be Spongebob Squarepants takes after the TV kids cartoon character that most every child admire. Those annoying laugh and such, who don't like Spongebob? 
Our spongebob won't even give a big smile for the pictures...
I got nothing to spend on our son's costume due to the product review from this website that I am actively participating. Thank goodness it happens here in America, or I will be broke on buying costumes for the boys annually.

Our 10 months old will be celebrating Halloween for the very first time. I have to get things ready, when I say things I mean my camera so I could take plenty of pictures for remembrance. 
Our little monkey...doesn't even bother his outfit
He will be a Monkey, there is no sense of buying a new one when he can use the once his Kuya wore before. Save time and money at the same time. 
this is after the trick or's fun to see your kids sort the collected treats...

Now, what are you gonna be for Halloween?

5 freaking comments:

It's really nice to dress kids up during Halloween and in their favorite characters too. Your kids are adorable!

Your boys are so cute on their halloween cosumes.

My son loves trick-or-treating because of all the candies and chocolates he gets. Now that he's older, he doesn't want to join this Halloween activity anymore. Sigh!

Awww! Mommy N C looks so adorable in his Sponge Bob costume. My kids loves to watch that show.

oh I love the costume of your boys.These are positive costumes and not scary hahaha

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