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Sep 30, 2015

What drawer slides can do

There are so many different way to put replacement to your drawer. If not replacement a new way to have a 4 foot drawer slides rather than nothing at all. This would make the opening and closing of the drawer easier. It will make it smoother and no more granting while closing or opening a drawer just because it was stock. This kind of slides is very convenient.

I have a drawer for one of my son's clothes and it doesn't have the slides installed and I have to say, there should be a perfect timing to open and close that drawer. My son is 5 years old and even him has the hard time to open his drawer which frustrates him especially when he wants to get something out.

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I agree. I wish I have that so it would be aeasier to open and aclose it.

That makes sense. I've been thinking of replacing some of the cabinets at home.

I wish we have that too. It makes open/close the drawer easily.

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