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Aug 7, 2015

Complete Electroni Drumset

My son was showing off his new discovered talent to the nurse who visited us today. I never noticed at all that he started to tap on something to play the rhythm of the Jingle Bell song. I was very surprised to see him showing his new skills to the lady.

My son has the beat, he does get the right beat of the song and starts doing it multiple times and in the back of my mind, I was thinking I think it is time to involve our son to a musical instrument. 
I guess its time and he is ready for this new challenge in his life. I was thinking of getting him a complete electronic drumset that I found on this website called

photo not mine
It is quite expensive though, but knowing what could it give to our son would something a money can't buy. I have to think over and over before getting him this one. I have to consider the space where I can put the set at home. Since we don't have a huge house, it would be too crowded if I'll put this in their bedroom.

Whatever my decision would be, someday I'll definitely going to consider getting our son this set. 

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Nurture his interest in music, he'll grow up loing music. Music is great for everyone.

My daughter has been dreaming of learning how to play the drums ever since. Thanks for sharing this, it could be a start.

They said kids who grown with music are smarter than normal. I think there is something in the music notes that kids learned .

What a perfect musical instrument for a future drummer.

G would love this! He likes playing drums.

Expensive you say, maybe Santa can give it as a present for Christmas! LOL! It will be as nice present for a daughter too. My daughter has an old drum set that doesn't look as nice as that. LOL. I'll remember this in case we need to replace it already. :)

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