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Jun 12, 2015

#CARGOBAG Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag #Review

Was very thrilled to find out that I'm one of the lucky reviewers to get a chance of acquiring this Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag today. Which something unique and I believe would be useful for my son and me.

I received the product in the mail through the USPS. It was wrapped in a bubble plastic envelope. The item seems to have any signs of damage in shipment that I was able to use and examine it right away.

The play mat is thinner than I expected. It was folded lengthwise and when I opened the item, I was impressed of the fabric that is being used. It has an outside pocket to keep the rest of the string when you closed the bag. YES!!! The play mat can also be a storage bag for my son's toy cars. He can put the toy cars in and can bring it with him along with the play mat. I like the whole town designs in the play mat  that would pretty much occupy his time.

Interested? You can purchase the product HERE.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

9 freaking comments:

This is great option for a soft storage bag for kids' toys. We currently use boxes and bins but when we're on a long drive, I prefer to use soft bags. I'll consider this, currently I use ecofriendly shopping bags to put snacks and toys in the van.

That's a cute looking play mat. I like that it doubles as a bag, too.

It looks like a decent quality of storage bag , I wonder haw much toys it can hold for? Knowing kids nowadays has so many toys

It must have been a joy to receive such an item for review.

My son have so many cars, this will be useful for him.

Ay , ang cute naman ng design. Less kalat bringing along this Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag.

Awww! soon the little one can zoom his cars with his big brother in this 2 n 1 play mat and storage. I really liked this product.

That car play mat is ideal for young kids, like your son. It's always a pleasure to review a product that you can really use.

This should keep a young boy busy while highly encouraging keeping toys in their proper place after play.

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