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May 21, 2015

5 Months already? And he is getting even bigger

That's right!!! You read it properly, for some reason time flies way nearer than we don't want it to be. Some yearn for it to be over with and others [like me] wants to slows it down as likely. Why? Because our little one is getting bigger and growing every day.

This month of May our second child turned 5 months old. And along with that growth, there are soooooooooooooooooooo many progress [of a growing and healthy baby] that comes with the package of development.

Developmental Stage our little one is progressing:
* Fascinated with his feet, which he for all time raises them up or hold both feet with both his hands.

* Sticks his tongue out [which I do find so hilarious and soooo adorable], must be a new thing that he discovers which looks so amusing.

* Giggles non-stop, he is finally enthralled with what's silly or not around him.

* Oh!!! Did I forget about him rolling over? To be exact he did rolled for the very first time without help the date he turned 5 months? YES, just perfect timing.

* He starts eating rice cereal now, though he still finds it new every time I gave it to him, which is only once a day.

* He grabbed more things now, and he does have a strong grip on my hair, any hair that his mighty hands hold onto. So, have to watch out or just simply put your hair back.

* He can sit with a support, he can move his porky legs every time you hold him up or if he is in his walker.

*  He can clearly see who is Mama and Papa and Kuya and new faces that holds him.

* He loves to listen to music, whether if its musical or not.

* He is pretty much more aware around him.

* He loves to jump on his jumper, glad they made those now cause I'll end up having a very sore arms from holding him while he enjoyed to jump.                          

* He shakes his head now, this means that he is either sleepy and if he understand what NO means.

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Time flies fast and before you know it you're chasing him everywhere. You will definitely miss these times when he's big enough to walk and run.

Soon, he will be a year old and running around the house. Your world would be so much busier lol.

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