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Apr 27, 2015

Milestones update: 4 Months Old

YES!!! As time goes by so quickly, and so is my son. He is getting bigger and stronger and even independent every single day we have. Sad to know that things nowadays are way faster than before, yet I'm still very lucky and happy that my son is growing into a beautiful boy. As this milestone is another challenge for him to learn about how to live and what's it like on earth, it is not yet the time for him to leave his Mama.

Anyways, let me just cut off the drama. I'm just being emotional, since I would like babies to stay babies forever, hence it doesn't work that way. Oh well!!! I better move on and make more memories with my sons.

- He is able to sit with support, more aware of the environment around him. He loves to be up all the time now since he wants to see more things and be part of it.

- He naps 2-3 times a day now and shorter this time. More awake in the morning and sleep through the night. I'm very lucky that he is not such a pain in a butt baby at all.

- Very content of what he is, he isn't the kind of baby who cries a lot, he is satisfied to be down and doesn't ask to be carried all the time.

- Tried feeding him cereal this month, however, it seems way too early for him as he hasn't quite understanding what is that new flavor he is taking.

Let's talk about 4 months, What can they do and what are the changes in their life:
Your 4-month-old is growing more and more alert by the day. Babies at this age love to express themselves through smiles, laughs, gurgles, and coos. By month four, your baby’s weight will likely have doubled from birth.

Your baby is becoming more dexterous and doing more with her hands. Her hands now work together to move a toy or shake a rattle. In fact, those hands will grab for just about anything within reach, including a stuffed animal, your hair, and any colorful or shiny object hanging nearby.

By your baby’s fourth month, you both should be enjoying a full night’s sleep. At this age babies typically can sleep seven to eight hours in a row. Add in two naps, and baby should be sleeping a total of 14 to 16 hours a day.

During the first three months, babies have a lot of trouble distinguishing color contrasts, which was why your newborn preferred bright colors and black-and-white objects. Now at four months, a baby’s vision has sharpened to about 20/40. Babies at this age can pick out a more subtle color contrasts, such as a red button on a red shirt. They also can see across the room, although they still prefer looking at people close-up.

All Italic font  information is from the website

That's all for now, we will see what would be the next month's milestone for my son.

3 freaking comments:

Naku ang sis ko very, very happy sa child nya.

Weee! Congrats And Good Job baby! Good luck to mamahood sissy, women are built with strong plates of patience to last a lifetime... you can definitely can do it.. more milestones and happiness up ahead!

Awww! Happy 4th month old baby C. You are growing too fast like a weed and so handsome too. I wish I could meet you someday.

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