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Apr 7, 2015

Kids and Toys

I have plenty of nieces and nephews in the Philippines. I am mostly a Godmother to most of them, and I would like to get them something without waiting for 2-3 months to arrive because I've always sent out a Balikbayan box from the USA.

I constantly wanted to give something during their birthdays, somewhat I picked for my godchildren, that they'll be able to receive a gift earlier and enjoy.
It's hard when you are shopping for someone and yet you live in a totally different country. I'm thankful that makes all this impossible and hassle-free. Now, I'll be able to get something for my nieces and nephews [my godchildren] myself and ship it right away without asking my older sister too much.

I also be fond of how the website was created, they have their own coupons sections were great deals and discount codes can be seen and use. Definitely up to date and valid as it is from the website itself.

I'm also thrilled to get something for my my sister's unborn child. Our family is indeed growing. I saw a very nice system set 4-1 that might be very useful for her and her baby soon. The prices is very affordable and it's a perfect timing since the product is on sale. They have plenty of items online and I am not settled with just one as I've always found a better and much useful for her, I guess this will be a long online shopping then. It's nice to know that they are affiliated with Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic, Romwe and many more.

It's all right, cause it is very practical for me as to do all my shopping from home. I don't need to tag my kids along in the mall, I can actually get a day done and feel accomplished.

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I've been reading a lot about iprice lately. It's nice that you found an easy way to shop for your relatives.

I love this Website too Mommy N. It is easy to shop for our loved-ones in the Philippines especially toys that our nephews/nieces wants to own.

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