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Apr 6, 2015

How to organize clutter in the house

Before I got children, our home was totally organized and super unclutter. When we were blessed with a son it was amazing, the place where clutter not with papers and stuff, but with toys. I have to lay them all around the living room and in the bedroom to keep our son occupy and enjoy those wonderful toys he received.

As long as our home is clean I am not bothered with the cluttered toys and some baby stuffs. I only cleaned them up whenever I have expected guess to come. Yes, expected cause I want to know when people are coming and not to surprise me as there will no place for them to be. Just kidding.

Now that we are blessed with another son, the house is not as cluttered as the first time. I have storage where I can keep toys, and other stuffs to find them easily at the same time there will be more space for us around.

Here are few of the ideas I want to share with you, I do hope you'll be motivated with the photos I collected from

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How neat! A cluttered room is a common scene in my home because of our two girls, but the good thing is they pack away after playing.

I love organizing too and I love what you featured. I just wished we have a bigger space so I can move better and store more things! Maybe next time you can post about organizing in small spaces. :D

There's no place like home, of and only if, all things are set in order. Nice tips here.

Very good suggestions sis... but my technique really is not to store and buy a lot of stuff so I'll have little if not, nothing to organize at all... Well taken suggestions.. :)

These are helpful tips Mommy N. My hubby is a clean freak and drives me crazy. We usually throw things that we do not use or donate them to Salvation Army.

I wish I could organize my kitchen the way I do but right now, it's too cluttered. Thanks for the tips.

With a small space like ours, we really need to be organized at home. I have just started letting go of stuff we haven't used for years. And yes, I need to buy more storage boxes, too.

i love the idea of boxes/stash under the sofa but i cannot find where to buy those boxes,particularly the native ones. Already tried the antic shops in malls...any suggestions where i can buy them.

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