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Mar 1, 2015

Plan of fishing this year

After this icy weather we experience for months and months, we all get excited whenever we feel the temperature outside goes warmer. Even, if it won't last that long, we need to remember that after winter, Spring will surely on its way to give us all a much better weather. Due to the freezing weather, we frequently decided to be in our premises. Others occupy themselves by working out, playing and indoor game with their family and some are planning for the upcoming warm days. 

I've been here in the US for almost 7 years and as much as I would like to try fishing, it seems like my husband doesn't have enough time to take us. Due to the busy days he'll spend at his work during Summer, he hardly has enough time to get home to take us fishing. What about weekend, you may ask? Hubby works at night shift in one of the fast food to earn extra tips and Sunday? Well, this is the only day of rest that he can stay home on his pajama all day long. I wouldn't blame him if he chooses to be lazy during once a week.

Anyways, mentioning about going fishing is what I would like to accomplish this year, at least. We might need another fishing rod, therefore searching for one is what I start doing in order to have time. I found the Tenkara fly fishing rods at AvidMax. Reading about the review from the buyers gives me an insight of the capabilities this rod could give us. I know nothing much about fishing rod, and so reading reviews from others is the best way I could get a great deal. 

7 freaking comments:

We've been wanted to go fishing for a long time we just don't know where to start. This post of yours will give us an idea on what best gear should we need.

My family loves fishing Mommy N especially my boys.

I remember my dad also loves fishing. He would wake up early in the morning just to go on fishing. He would also spend money on expensive fishing rods.

I only went fishing once but never did that again. I wish I could do this year, it would be nice to eat freshly caught fish!

We've gone fishing a few times before and it was fun. We caught a few fishes and grilled them for lunch.

One past time that I haven't tried yet .

I haven't tried fishing before but it seems like a fun activity. Seems like Tenkara is a good product to start learning fishing. ^_^

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