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Mar 25, 2015

Homemade Knitted Baby Headbands

After years of learning about how to use the needles of knitting, and able to knit my whole family their Christmas Stockings, some hats I finally am proud to say that I have again accomplished these adorable girls headbands.

I've seen my late Mother in law knit this and was very curious to make my own. I know for sure that I can share this amazing headband with my nieces back in the Philippines.

After at least 2 that I knitted, I become so PRO that I never looked at the pattern whenever I make one. So, here they are the finished product of my labor. I have little to send back home and can't wait for my Balikbayan box to be pick-up so it will be on its way before another Christmas come. 

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You should sell these so I can buy one and give it to my sister! She's having a baby in June!

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