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Mar 16, 2015

3 months already? Where does time go?

4th day of the month of March came and I have asked myself, where does time go? Why is it that it goes so fast the first thing we knew we have a newborn the next time they turned 3 months. 

He went to his 2 month check-up and glad to know that our bundle is very healthy. Now, we have to wait when he reaches 4 months for his next physical examination. I'm so thrilled for this month as his vision is getting clearer now, and by this month I can determine what does our baby needs whenever he cry.

He can now sit-up with a support on his back, no more wobble head and definitely responses with his coos, smile and frown whenever I talk or make faces with him. He can stand on his two tiny strong legs whenever I held him up. He drools a lot recently too, and knows about how to make tiny bubbles. He holds and plays with both his hands, starts grabbing things in front of him, and he is also fascinated to watch his feet as well as to see himself in the mirror.

I don't see more rashes on his face now as well as cradle cap. No more paranoia feeling for me.

3 freaking comments:

Times fly fast and before you know it, he's not a little baby anymore.

I know right? 2015 is halfway gone wahhh, I can't believ how fast time goes.

Ang bilis na ng panahon Sis. Thank God, your child is growing up healthy and fine. Ilang tulog na lang, birthday na nyan.

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