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Feb 3, 2015

Our Son is a month old now...

Time does fly so fast and now our newborn just turned a month old. It seems like it was just yesterday that my OB told me to proceed to the Maternity Ward at the Hospital so I could get ready for my delivery, as apparently I was in labor.

Now, time is running way too fast that our little bundle is learning more and more about the outside world. Another way for me to cherish him even more along with his Kuya K in order not to miss anything about him.

There might be a lot of changes with our month old baby as long as we are always here for him and guide him about the big changes, things will be just fine. 

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Happy 1 month old to your baby. Time flies so fast when you're having fun taking care of your baby. Enjoy and cherish the moments.

Can't wait to see some photos of him.

Happy 1 month to your baby! Takes lots of rest because the first couple of months we all get sleep deprived.

How times fly. Parang kailan nasa tummy mo pa yan. Eto, 1-month old na pala. 2 more months and back to normal routine na naman ang sis ko.

Happy 1 month birthday to your baby, and here's to more milestones! Looking forward to reading about those in your blog.

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