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Jan 18, 2015


Having a newborn in the family is such a blessing. We all know how precious the infants are, as well as we do feel blessed to have this opportunity in life. Last year was the time when I have to deliver our second child unexpectedly [I guess, by now I will believe in the expect the unexpected sayings].

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Although, this is my second child, sometimes there are things that I need to review because for some reasons we just lost, especially when the last time we have a newborn was 4 years ago. Though it is easier this time, I'm thankful that I have the ways to read more information about newborns, and what to expect with them. 

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Every baby is different so even if the age gap of your kids are close or far apart, you still have to continue learning. My kids are 18 months apart but I have to learn again because I have a girl first time and a baby boy is way different than my first.

oh, i miss the scent of a newborn! have a blast having sleepless nights and enjoy the many wonderful moments with your baby. such a great blessing, congratulations!

Happy for you, to have this cute angel by your side. No kidding ang cute ng baby mo.

I still remember the joy of having a newborn baby in our house.. That was 7 years ago, when my youngest sister was born. It's a different kind of happiness having a cute little one at home. I can still remember how excited I was to come home from school. Hehehe.

Motherhood is a continuous learning process. Each child is different, and what may have worked with another child might not work for the other, so moms like us should always be ready for surprises but also be prepared to adopt our mothering style suitable for each child's needs. Happy to hear about the latest addition to your family.

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