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Nov 13, 2014

Getting ready for winter season

Now that my son goes to school, I must provide him a new pair of boots to keep his tiny feet from freezing. Although he stays for only 2 hours each day in class, each time we walk towards the end of the street to wait for his bus is what's concerning me.

We got him a nice waterproof boots 2 years ago, however the kids' feet never stops growing just like them. They outgrown new clothes, things you've just recently purchased and this is what happened to our 4-years-old.

Got him a new pair of waterproof insulated boots for winter, so he'll enjoy outside with snows without getting a freezing cold feet. I know, cause for some reason I've always experienced that to every boot I purchase no matter it is.

It was one of those days at one my favorite website online where they have a big sale for boots, a perfect timing for me to get our son one. I got this amazing Kamik Boots for as low as $10.00 I think.

Glad I got one, now my son does have a happy feet now that winter is here. What does he need next? Definitely a snow suit, so he'll enjoy sledding outside with his Papa when we have enough snow to do it. 

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