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Oct 3, 2014

#Review Sturdy yet adorable kids luggage only at

My family and I love to travel, if given the chance to visit a different place we always take advantage to see the sights of what the area can offer and promote us. It's tireful after yet endearing to  pack things in our luggages and to guarantee we have everything, I even make a list of all the things needed to trip. I don't want to miss out anything at home.

Mostly, kids also have their own things to bring too, and I would like to separate it as much as possible, that way when they needed it during the travel it'll be easier for me to get them without opening the whole luggage I have already packed. I've been searching for a nice, sturdy and yet delightful luggage that is projected for kids.

Okiedog is been there for many years now, and never fails to electrify me about how resilient and adorable their products are. Whether if it's for your child or for the mother's use and even infant accessories they carry it. They have those fashionable style that would adore every person who sees their product, trust me, I received so many compliments about the previous product review I worked with them.

This time, I received their endearing WildpackRolling Luggage - Tiger, with a value of $34.95 in the mail via UPS. The packaging is indeed magnificent, I am content to know that the products inside are safe and that is one most thing I'm looking forward during shipment.

When I have touched the Wildpack Rolling Luggage I honestly felt that this is something a mother should get for their kids. Sturdy, hard to protect your kid's stuff inside, I love the roller for them to roll the luggage themselves also the charming character that I picked for my son. It comes with 6 different animal characters of your choice.  

Liked the product? Please visit the website @ to see more of the products they can offer you. You may also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter get an exclusive website offers. 

30 freaking comments:

That's true, we need to protect our kids' stuff too so a sturdy luggage is required. The luggage you showed looks really really sturdy and cute too. :)

That is one cute luggage bag for a child. My son would definitely love that!

Kids would surely love going to school with this nice looking trolley :)

Super cute. I would love to get my kids each their own suitcase!

That is so cute!! Whenever we go on vacations my boys always make me carry their luggage. I think if they had this super cute Tiger they wouldn't mind pulling it themselves :)

Aww that is so cute. Will have to check this out for my kiddos.

That is the cutest little lion suitcase! It must be difficult traveling with kids, but I'm sure they would prefer to pull around a fun lion than a boring black suitcase, any day!


I usually pack my kids stuff in my luggage when we travel. Maybe it's time to get them their own luggage.

I don't I ever had my own suitcase when I was a kid! I love the idea of children having one of their own!

This luggage bag is just so cute! I know a lot of kids who'd love this!

This would be the perfect luggage for sleepovers at grandma's house, so cute!

What darling little bags! My son would love this! :D

Aww.. What an adorable luggage! Kids will surely love this thing!

Oh it is too cute for words. I can see a child wanting to actually take control of their own suitcase with something that cute!

That's super cute! This is a great idea for kids and is very reflective tot heir unique personalities. not to mention instantly recognizable.

I travel a lot and my niece is about to start traveling with me. Having sturdy adorable luggage is a must!

That is a neat concept for luggage. My son would've loved that when he was younger. We send him every year via plane to see his grandparents in Mexico City.

That is seriously the cutest bag ever! My son would totally love it! Thank you for sharing!

How cute! I love the adorable style, and I love that they still keep it durable. You've got to have tough anything when kids are involved.

That is such a cute luggage for kids to have!

My granddaughter's would love this suitcase. It's a great suitcase for when we travel during the summer.

This looks like a cute option for your kids when they travel. I like all the cute designs.

This is so adorable and would be great for kids. Thanks for sharing.

This one isn't really my cup of tea. I'd prefer a plainer roller case for my son, although it's good to give children their own responsibility for their gear.

That is so adorable! I know that this is something that my daughter would love.

This is so cute! I would have loved to carry this around when I was younger.

I want to know about the wheels.. is it a 6 wheeler stroller?

I want to know about the wheels, is it a 6 wheeler stroller? I heard 6 wheeler strollers are easier to manipulate.

My daughter has one of the bags and loves it.x

We haven't been traveling for over a year now, but we know all about it. Looks like a very handy bag. I must say I LOVE the elephant.

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