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Oct 7, 2014

Kids and their toys

Kids and their toys seem natural in every home who has kids. We want to make our kids feel better  by getting them toys they love to play. We buy toys for our son, but not too much as we know that he already got plenty and when the occasion strikes he gets more. Therefore, few things make also takes care of what they have rather than just play from one toy to the other. 

This is one of those days that hubby bought our little one hot wheels. He is fascinated with the different cars and plays with them days and even months. 

3 freaking comments:

Another cara fanatic hehehe. I am glad my son is slowing down in buying toy cars.

so's like part of bribery...kidding! So sweet of your husband to get him a new set of hot wheels.

You could never go wrong with toy cars for boys, especially Hot Wheels. My son is already 8 years old, but the Hot Wheels cars he received as gifts when he was much younger are still with us, and he still plays with them occasionally.

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