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Sep 5, 2014

Giveaway prize from Warrior Poet Clothier...

This is a great opportunity for me to thank those who voted my son's entry during the Warrior Poet Clothier's giveaway through Facebook. I adore their designs and their good quality clothing, that's why I was persistent to win every giveaway they hosted.

The first time I joined the contest, I was lucky enough to reach a higher vote and won a FREE T-shirt. So, I thought it was easy to get such a unique design from the company by simply joining their giveaways, whenever they have one. 

One of their unique giveaway shirt designs is what my son is wearing in the photo. I am very thankful for everyone who voted and spent time to support us. It might not cost a million dollars, hence it's precious for us.

Again, thank you everyone and thank you Warrior Poet Clothier conducting giveaways.

5 freaking comments:

That's a nice shirt for a cute model :) congrats for winning!

Awww, that is a nice Fall color and it looks good on him.

feels really good winning in giveaway contests! and that's a cool shirt for your kid, seems one of a kind :)

Oh your son is so cute wearing that T-shirt. Congrats.

I seldom join contests and giveaways because I don't win. Congratulations on winning that giveaway shirt! I wish I'm as lucky as you! Lol!

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Thank you for spending time to give out your perspective towards my entry. I really appreciate it and would rest assure you that I'll be going to visit your page as well and leave you comment as you have done for my page...


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