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Sep 1, 2014

Everything starts at home

When dealing with our kids, we always have to ensure that your patience is high enough that we can control ourselves when parenting reaches its peak. Whenever our 4-years-old makes a big mess in his bedroom with his toys, I always asked him to clean up and put all his toys in the bin.

This is just one of those times that he needs to clean up his messy room so he'll be able to go outside. Glad that he was obedient too, of course the Mamarazzi has to take a stolen shot in this matter.

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I completely agree...our home is the best foundation! That's what I call best parenting right there. Great job, mommy for teaching the little guy!

Teaching your kids to clean up their mess is important.

He is such a good helper Mommy N :-) My summer babe is not good at cleaning but making a mess. The big brother is a little clean freak like his Daddy :-)

HAHAHA love the word Mamarazzi!!! I might have to borrow that from you sis. We also try to do what you do with our son. Most often than not he follows us and cleans up after himself.

Start 'em young. That's a good thing you've taught your kid sis.

We should start teaching our kids early on when it comes to values such as diligence, respect, industriousness, following orders and being responsible on their actions. I remember my daughter when she was 5 or 6 and was not cleaning up after she played. My hubby reminded her that if she didn't clean up, she would find her toys in the bin. And that was given in a normal but firm manner. But she didn't heed. We reminded her again the next day that when she played, she should keep the toys afterwards. She didn't do it and my husband even accidentally stepped on one of the blocks she left causing a slight injury. So, the third day, when she still didn't listen, my husband and I grabbed her toys, placed them in a bin liner and dumped it in "paper waste bin" (which was a clean bin because it's only used for recycling of paper). She saw what we did and we firmly told her that her toys would not walk towards their proper places on their own. She had to clean up. I think since then, she learned her lesson.

As for the toys, we "magically" placed them back in the shelf while she was sleeping after sanitizing them of course. hahaha. She cleaned up after that incident. it taught her a lesson that if she left her stuff lying everywhere, she knew where they would go next - down to the bin!

Oh, I got carried away with my mama stories hahaha.

This is the reason why we often hear people say "Ganyan ang batang yan kasi ang mga magulang niya ay -----" And this is also the very reason why everyone should learn smart parenting :)

You're absolutely right! Kids must be taught to pack up their boys and clean up their mess so that they will learn to become responsible at a young age.

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