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Aug 9, 2014

Future plans with guitar center

When we become a parent, we have so many plans or goals for our own child. We tend to ensure that they have the BEST things we could possibly give them, for example choosing the right school to go, what would be nicer clothes and shoes to wear, healthy foods to eat as well as the music we would like them to learn while growing up.
My husband and I plan to enroll our little one or teach our son about how to play guitar. Since his Tita Casey pretty much know how to play the guitar, it would be one great privilege if she can tutor our son of the guitar lesson.

If needs more options about looking for a certain guitar I would say a visit to a guitar center website wouldn't hurt at all. After all, this is our plan for our son's future.

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I would love to buy a violin from them, I still need to save for it but I saw what I like already.

We will also probably do that to our son. He loves playing with his toy guitars or pretends to do air guitars if he hears music.

I'll check the website. Who knows my apo will dig playing guitar just like his uncle.

I salute you and your husband for being supportive and great motivation to your kiddo. Yep. Playing guitar is an exemplary talent!

Yep, music definitely makes a good part in our children's growing years. So, off to any music lesson we want her to go, eh?

I would love my daughter to learn how to play guitar. I hope she will find it interesting.

I am really happy to see kids engage in some musical activities to balance out their play. It harness creativity and artistry. I hope your son picks up the passion to play a guitar or any other musical instrument. :)

We have one guitar at home. I know that my little K loves music. I should enroll her too. Thank you for sharing :-)

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