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Jul 7, 2014

How to teach your kids with your laundry

Guiding our kids the minute they were born is what we usually parents, guardians do, in order to help them learn the things in life. It might be too early as we think, however, it's better to educate them in an early stage where they are more willing to help us do stuff it would effortless for us to show them the things.

One of responsibility is to involve the kids with simple house chores, i.e. hanging laundry, sweeping the floor, get the table ready for meal and etc. like what this photo shows. Although, it takes time for us to achieve the chores we are there to coach and show our kids the essential things we can do at home.

Makes our parents happy and at the same time show them that by working on something that starts at home is a great way for our kids to learn life in a fun and youthful way.

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I agree, and yep- sense of responsibility and discipline starts at home. involving kids (while they are young) to household chores simply means teaching them to become responsible.

My kids love the sorting out and folding parts. It is important to teach them how to do laundry.

This is one thing, I forgot to teach my kids. Selfish kasi ako sa paglalaba. I wanted to do the thing by myself lang. ha,ha,ha...

I agree however, I did spoil my kids a little too much that now I am taking in the brunt of it. Unless I ask them to do their own dishes, they'd just leave them on the sink. Oh, these mommy woes!

I do agreed with you, teaching your kids in a fun learning way is the best we can give to them so they won't have a hard time.

Yup! As early as possible, teach our kids how to do laundry so that when they grow up, they'll have knowledge on how to wash their clothes by themselves.. :)

It's really important to teach our kids the value of helping at home. Our son is the official errands boy at home. Whenever we need to buy small things, like juice or milk from the grocery downstairs, he willingly obliges (well, sometimes not! Lol!). He also sometimes helps with wiping the floor with wet cloth, and when he's in the mood, he fixes things, like his toys.

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