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Apr 14, 2014

Teaching our kids of a self-defense is one of our priorities {Review + Giveaway}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Self-defense or Martial Arts is what every parent’s priorities nowadays for their kids to learn. We do, we look for some alternative ways to help our son defend himself when times like bullying or if he needs to defend himself from troublemakers.

I’m pleased to have a wonderful chance to take simple lessons about Karate at home with my 4 years old. He loves to copy things and of course he do loves to Karate, there might not be sparring, it’s a great way to start the moves without paying expensive lessons at the gym. This would be fun for me and for my son, we can both do the exercise together and I can teach him, how precisely that instructor shows us the moves.
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I do find the lessons very entertaining and at the same time helping my son and me with some basic self-defense. I find this a cheaper and affordable way to achieve Karate skills with the kind of techniques while we are at home. I do find that these Martial Arts is not only meant for kids, thus also for parents who wish to learn about self-defense. Other than that, they also learn the values of Respect, Discipline, Physical Fitness, Coordination, and Ant-Bullying and fun of course. The lesson contains 13 exercises and also a handbook.
Introduction of the video...

Because this is the first time the company have launched the online teaching, it’s my privilege to be part of it. Honestly, my overall experience about Martial Arts for kids online is more convenient not only for parents but for kids as well. The company has taught adults online for 1 1/2 years and has gained much experience from that. The video is very clear; the voice of the instructor is very specific feels like you are just in the actual class.
Introductions always the same, just like the first thing to do on the first day of class or course

In your own account, you aside from the courses, you can also find the lecture description, discussions with other members and a note you intend to write down for tips or to remember. You can pause the course or video if you need some time and then just continue it whenever you are ready.

You can always try the course itself online @ get the privilege of 50% off when you enter your email address at They even do free martial arts for adults only @ this is your chance to learn self-defense online, I already did and you should too. It’s fun to learn the art of karate, please follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and see more of the exclusive updates they offer.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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this is definitely a great opportunity for all kids out there. We tried to convince our daughter to take a self defense class but she opted to get into gymnastics instead.

If and when I become a mother myself, I would encourage my kids to involve themselves in this kind of physical activity, BUT only if they want to. I will never force them to do something that they are not inclined of doing. It's good your son is into it.

very nice! other son and daughter back in austrlia are both studying jujitsu and mybe my daughter will take her lessons too when she turns 10yrs old. self defense is must now with all the bullies around

oh wow, this is great, to be available online for free lesson, karate is not only a good physical activity and exercise, not only a good way of learning one of the self defense, I find it helps a lot also in improving our focusing skills, as it teaches really how to listen well to our surrounding.

I will check on this one for my son, thanks for sharing.

Wish I have enrolled my kids to self-defense classes when they were kids. I am more kasi into mental sports like chess.

It's great for parents to have their child or children enrolled in martial arts classes.

I would like to enroll in this school so I can practice discipline (it's not that I am undisciplined) but not for the kids, of course.

Learning Martial Arts is very important for me. It protect kids from the bullies :-) My Kuya K joined once and was so proud of him especially breaking the wood in two parts with his foot :-)

Children should be taught self-defense not just for their own safety when they're parents are not there to protect them, but more for social skills & instilling discipline. It's pretty much the same with engaging in team sports sans the self-defense part. This is cool.

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