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Apr 5, 2014

Pre-K Registration

It’s time of the year when as a parent, you need to ensure that you are fully responsible for your kid’s education. As much as I would like to homeschool our son, there is only one parent who is optimistic about the idea and it will never work out. Instead, it will end up becoming a huge argument with both couples. Now that our son turned 4, though it’s not necessary since he knows mostly what Pre-K students should know, we still try to enroll him to the elementary school nearby.
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 Hubby and I sent the forms at the school one Friday afternoon. Our son was so excited to see the school and the yellow bus too. Must be every kid feeling the first time they step foot in the school, makes them feel they are on cloud nine.

He doesn’t enroll yet, we have to go and attend the meeting next Friday to find out if our son would be one of those students who will attend the school this fall. 

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wow, that's big step for the little guy! I'm sure he's going to like pre-k. I don't think I can handle!

I am sure your kid loves it, meeting new kids and all. You may want to re-think about the school bus though. My daughter does not like riding the bus, so since first grade, she is a 'car rider'.

It's good that he's feeling enthusiastic in going to school. It's the social aspect of every kid that's more important at this stage where his horizon is beginning to get bigger and wider outside of the home premises.

very nice congratualtions! i was excited myself too when i brought my daughter to kindergarten and she loves it too. I thought she was going to freak out first time in the school bus by herself without me but she did a great job goodluck to your kiddo!

Oh, that's really nice! Congrats Ate! :) My youngest sister will be joining school too in a month's time from now.

It will be my dilemma next Fall, not this coming. My youngest will be in school then and now, I am teaching him the basics so that he will come prepared for Pre-K. I'm sure he will have lots of fun! We all did!

It is the ride on that yellow bus that I wanted my own daughter to experience. And I am thankful that she did on her first grade. Academics and mannerism-wise, I would rather homeschool her. Good luck on your little man's schooling, Mommy Novs! It will surely be exciting!

Ahhhh this is very exciting Mommy N that the handsome C is going to Pre-K :-) You will missed him but he will have fun and learn in school :-)

I'm sure your kid would really be excited to meet his new school, new classmates and teachers. That would be a wonderful experience for him to learn in school. 4 and for elem already?...good for him. my daughter will be in scholl this school year too her first...sana okay lang sya mag school kasi that time kakatapos lang namin ng heart surgery, im not sure if she will be allowed to school na.

I'm sure your son will have so much fun in preschool as they always have activities and he can meet new friends and playmates. It's an opportunity that he must not miss. :)

Must be one of the most exciting stage for both parent and child. Glad to know that your son is enthusiastic about joining and attending his first formal school.

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