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Mar 21, 2014

What does the First Day of Spring brings

I would say a snowy day is what the first day of spring brings us here. Yesterday we had rain that washed away most of the snow on the ground as it does feel like spring has finally step-in from the cold weather. The light and happy feeling that finally no more winter as we deserves to enjoy an early warm days. However, my hopes were being replaced with anxiety as earlier today more snow starts falling again. I still didn’t think that it would get any colder as the weather warms up to 40F. Totally disappointed and when I woke up the only thing I see outside is the whole place were covered with plain white color and seems like more snows coming. Therefore, from now on when it says First Day of spring doesn’t really mean that starting that day it will be much warmer, there might be deep freeze weather once in a while and I’ll definitely change my perspective about it.

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The weather there is the exact opposite of what we're having here in the Philippines. Summer is sooo here and so is heat stroke.

our climate is really getting weird nowadays. same here in germany. we also had a snow with rain during the start of spring. hehe

We have a very long winter day, aren't we Mommy Nova? It is raining right now :-) Hope it warms up very soon for us :-)

I can feel your pain! I wish I can send you some heat from Texas...:)

Same here Mommy, last night we had a 40 mph gush of wind, kept me up all night. It still cold here.

Sometimes weather forecast is not really that accurate. Just like out weather here in PH we are supposed to enjoy the beautiful summer but it is still raining in some parts of the country.

I hope you get to enjoy your weather there Sis as most of us here in PH dreamed of experiencing a snowy white winter :)

sounds like magical with snow! im dreaming of snow too but i guess its too much for me! haha keep warm guys! x0~

The weather around the world is going crazy already. I bet there's an extended winter in most areas in the US and even in Canada.. I would love to see a snow but would not like to experience having it for a long time.

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