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Mar 4, 2014

Warrior Poet Spring Cleaning Giveaway is HERE!!!

Hurry!!! While supplies last! It is your chance to grab their awesome and unique design. Warrior Poet has their Spring Cleaning Giveaway and eventually giving you a chance to own one FREE shirt of your choice click here . They are giving a large amount of free shirts [while supplies last], using this coupon code WP-Tee4Free upon checkout. All you have to do is select one of the 6 free giveaways shirts styles and only pay Shipping and Handling. The 6 styles are Chevron Icon, Lightening Shield, Keeping Things Private, I've Got Your Back, Sheriff Guitar, and Tomahawk.

The reasons why I love Warrior Poet Clothes are that the unique designs they always have as well as the high quality fabric they use with their products. My son loves the designs I always got for him as he thinks it’s the coolest style he ever seen, kids have a shallow happiness that’s why I would really appreciate things that would make them happy. Whenever I asked him what kind of designs he would love, it doesn’t bother him as long as the color is green. I know I shouldn’t just get him the same color, but Warrior Poet has the same color with different designs, which I find just right.

these photos were taken last Summer 2013 while we visit his Great Grandma

Don’t forget to enjoy the Spring Cleaning Giveaway; you can always get yours now! I did, I get my free shirt, and I can’t wait for my son to see them. The promotion starts on March 06, 2014.

A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received a coupon code for free shirt only to pay the shipping and handling in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 

12 freaking comments:

That is so generous of warrior poet, can't wait to grab a shirt for my son. I like the lightning shield as it reminds me of Lightning McQueen, my sons favorite cartoon character. He will be ecstatic if he gets this shirt.

I am soooooo ready for spring. Winter at my end is bad this year plus the schools were been closed for many times this month.

Those are really cool designs! I love that "I've got your back" design, I think it is perfect for my eldest to show his little brother that he's got his back!

I totally forgot about this yesterday, I should have used the code.

Chaos model the shirt so very well, those are cool ones, love the blue and purple color :)

You've got the perfect model right there. Green is a cool color. I love it too.

They're giving giveaways for promotions and hope in the future too.

So nice of them the give shirts away. Their shirts look interesting. :D

Thank you for sharing this opportunity to score some free shirts! Good luck to everyone :)

Looks good on your son. He seems comfortable, too. It's hard to choose clothes for our kids, right? Especially when they start to choose on their own.

They are fantastic! I love the designs! Very modern and cool! Great for little boys like your kid. ^_^

wow ! love the color of these t-shirts and your model is a cuty !

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