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Mar 18, 2014

The new Warrior Poet Shirts

I mentioned previously about the Spring Cleaning giveaway of Warrior Poet clothes while supplies last in this blog. I took the advantage of the giveaway, get my son new pairs of long sleeve and short sleeves to use, as he grows so fast I need to stock few shirts that is bigger to the size his been wearing.  Obviously, my son’s into GREEN color lately, thus I get him a few of the available shirts among the shirts’ giveaway.

Again, Warrior Poet Clothes never fails me with my expectation; I wowed with the designs as well the high quality materials they used for their merchandise. I would always choose Warrior Poet for my son’s clothing and you should too.  

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Those are very nice design and I like the quaLITY OF THEIR products as well. I failed to get the freebies though but it's okay.

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